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Sagicor’s Gala
L-R: PSOJ President Metry Seaga; apt Of BBC Sagicor, Chris Zacca, And Founder And Chair Of CariMed, Glen Christian Share A Light Moment For The Lens At The Sagicor Wealth Creators Sponsored Fabulissmo In Jacks Hill Last Thursday
Tarus Riley In Performance At The Sagicor Wealth Creators Sponsored A-Listers event In Jacks Hills Last Week Thursday!

My Dears, it has been dubbed the Corporate Do of the season, and little wonder as it was all that and then some, As the Corporate World and his wife; The Movers and Shakers, As well as the Titans of the Private Sector, were out being feted, and,feted royally!! 

It was billed as A Sagicor Client’s Appreciation, with the Theme The Met Gala, And Gala, it was my dears, in every sense and essence, for its VIP clients. And luvs, It was the most coveted invite of the season and an A-lister of the flawless order. Hosted by Sagicor’s Wealth  Creator,  Divisional Manager  Tara Nunez; and compered by world-class beauty Yendy Phillips, Catered by Executive Chef and Caterer to the Stars, Jackie Tyson and her From Thought To Finish, team, the event was a 10, on the Social Richter scale and is still creating social aftershocks, of the cataclysmic order in its wake, As there’s nothing like reports of a social and culinary fabfest to stir social-jockeying…And dears, the long-daggers are drawn, by many of those who felt slighted by not being included.

Anyway dears, hosted at the simply fabulously magnificent home of Russell and Carole Hadeed, iconically known as Number 40, atop Skyline Drive, in Salubrious Jacks Hills, with its panoramic 360 View, y’all know we are talking Top-Drawer, here and nothing but. Well, my Dears, it was like that and is being touted as the Marquee business event by which others will be judged for style, quality, and Impact – as the buzz is Sagicor not only killed it, it provided a much-needed master class in haute entertaining of the grand order, and like no other, as it took no prisoners and simply slayed…A lesson, it is hoped other business entities would have learnt, in order to  level-up!

And so we wait with baited breath…But this was one smasheroni and nothing but!

Paying Homage to NDTC Founding Member, Barbara Requa
Douglas Graham, noted businessman and his wife Melanie Graham, former dancer and Carl Bliss former NDTC singer (Tenor)
Recording Artiste Nadine Sutherland and Davel Thompson
An emblem acknowledging "the others"

In the beginning, they were few, and because they were few, it was a hard roe to hoe. Indeed, were it not for the vision and dedication of Rex Nettleford, and his ability to connect at the cultural level, with a small group of people who shared his vision, he and his early partners, were able to connect to others and expand their numbers.

And so it was that Barbara Requa the NDTC but they were committed and fiercely loyal to each other, and so the NDTC family was born.

Now, this was a family like no other, as it was a family of disparate characters, political persuasion, and social background but all united by the belief of fashioning a contemporary dance group, that reflected the Jamaican experience, to coincide with the Country’s independence, rather than aping the cultural traditions of the Colonizers,. Now, please understand, that this was no easy task then, and today the NDTC is still a difficult cultural concept for many to comprehend.

Barbera Requa understood the tasks involved creating and replenishing the Fountain of inspiration to achieve these goals as demonstrated in her contribution as Teacher, Choreographer, Dancer, Muse and Mother to the many new addition to the NDTC Family, over the years.

And so it was that news of her passing shook many of her colleagues, and former students  to the core. Prompting all, those who loved, served with and or were tutored by her, that a fitting tribute to this Cultural icon, would be a Kumina session, as part and parcel of their farewell package…Well, the Kumina session was the evening of International Women’s Day, and quite a fitting tribute it was, with among those out to ‘pay tribute’, included: The NDTC Artistic Director Marlon Simms; Ballet Mistress Kerry-Ann Henry, Principal dancer Mark Phinn, the charming Bridgette Spaulding; Douglas Graham and his wife and NDTC Alum Melanie Graham; Famed Professor Christopher Walker; Choreographer L’Antoinette Stines from L’Acadco; Social Activist Yvonne McCalla Sobers; Celebrated Playwright Basil Dawkins; Artist Nancy Burke, Guitarist Steve Golding and Allison Symes;  Tommy Ricketts; Songbird Nadine Sutherland; Celebrated Violinist Steven Woodham; NDTC Alums: Judith WedderburnBilly LawrenceDawn Fuller-PhillipsCarl Bliss; dancer De’roi RoseTony HolnessRufus McDonald; Sisters Rhona and Pat Barnett; Plus several Others…

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