International Titbits

The USA Freefall Into Becoming A Third World Country

There once was a dream called America, that was once the land of the free and those seeking freedom, and was once the home of the brave. But that was way back when, when stories like America, began with Once Upon A Time… Today, that Dream is no more, as it has been transformed into [...]

International Scammers or Tourists?

Often When People Hear The Term “Scammer”, Especially When It Is Used In Jamaica, It Evokes Imagery Of Senior Citizens In The United State, Being Swindled Out Of Their ‘Hard-earned’ Retirement Nest-egg By Callous Young Jamaican Males, Who Then Use The Illicit Funds To Maintain Or Supplement A Lifestyle That Includes More Crime, Tinged With [...]

Alton Mason: The Hot Global Male Model Sensation.

Alton Mason He is just 22, but Alton Mason, has been around the Fashion Globe, so many times, thinking about it, just makes your head spin. Surprisingly, he is also the First Black Male Model, to walk for Chanel, the Fashion House that the late Karl Lagerfeld, built.  Not surprisingly Alton Mason is the hottest [...]

Britain’s Three Blind Mice!

Former British Prime Minister, Theresa May Well, it did not take the revolt of its former colonies to bring down the British Empire, but it would appear that London Bridge, is indeed falling, and this started with the foolhardy position of Former PM David Cameron, to ask the British to vote in a plebiscite, to [...]

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