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Is Mark Golding, An Albatross Around The PNP’s Neck?

With the general election in sight, and the PNP supporters smelling blood in the political water, more and more PNP supporters are going public in disavowing their current leader, Mark Golding. And the calls for Golding to demit office as OL and or for PNP MPs in the house of Parliament to write to the […]

Growing Disquiet Within The Ranks Of The Governing JLP

Word is, many Labourites within the Leadership ranks of the JLP are expressing their dissatisfaction with the Leadership style of Party Leader and Prime Minister, Andrew Holness. And some observers are saying the Disquiet being expressed by party officials and Cabinet Members is simply a reflection of the on-the-ground disquiet that has been growing for [...]

Fashioning an Orderly Society

Ever since man set foot on planet earth, he has been busy plotting ways to destroy his neighbour and by extension, himself. In fact it is the only known specie to consistently create weaponry that could eventually lead to self-destruction for the specie.

Marriage Has Always Been, What Man Decreed It To Be – Not “God.”

Sensible people have long come to the conclusion that to argue anything with a religious zealot and or purposefully ignorant person, is the equivalent, of arguing with a stone, with not much major difference, excepting that, the stone is mute! In recent years, and more recently here in Jamaica, there has been much debate about [...]

The 10 Best Performing Members Of The Government… And The 10 Worst!

In a recent survey carried out by Images and Profiles, as the Foundation for this article, our researchers found that many of the respondents could not clearly identify half of the Cabinet and or MPs, and those who could give most a poor and or failing grade.  This we found disturbing as the Ministers and [...]

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