You Might Be A Bhutto. Take Our Quiz to Find Out

It would appear as if the world has entered the No-Shame Zone;; a kind of twilight zone where self-promotion has reduced social constructs such as manners, decency, and even honesty, which are no longer considered necessary character traits, replaced by conspicuous consumption; living out loud and in everybody’s face and even flaunting one’s ignorance as a badge of honour.

And then there are those with their newfound access to income, and “Followers”, who manufacture daily content of their supposed lives, for their followers, and often conflate and or confuse their imagined lives, with their real existence.
One thing that seems not to have changed, however, is the desire of many to measure up. And the more exposure these Social media characters amass, it’s the more they crave social acceptance. This leads to taking on airs and assumed graces to fit in with the in-crowd; donning designer clothes and accessories, they think is a requirement to be considered one of the new “Us”.
Sadly, far too many of these social profilers with absolutely no background, except that they own a smart-phone, set themselves up as “Influencers”, dishing out advice as newly minted etiquette and or relationship experts, not to mention the newly minted connoisseurs.
Consequently, it is quite difficult for some to tell what is true and blue, and what is skimmed milk, masquerading as creme. And in a Culture where the one-eyed man is King, those with a little learning are milking it as experts, but their own Subject Matter Expertise, is as real as the Artificial Intelligence being displayed by some of our elected politicians, who defy logic and good sense in defense of the indefensible actions of their party leader and or colleagues.
With this in mind, our Editorial Congress, in consultations with a number of clinical experts, has cudgeled a little fun quiz, designed to assist you in determining if you or those who you follow, are the real mcCoys, or just Bhuttos in Benzes.
To Find Out if You Are A Bhutto, just Nouveau Riche, or Affected, take our little quiz and find out where you stand:


Someone greets you with a compliment, Do You:

You respond with a gracious thank you
Scoff, at the person as if it was their duty to tell you how wonderful you are
Thank them in a condescending manner.

2. Someone tells you the Outfit you are wearing looks good, Do you:

Respond by telling them how much it costs;
Thank them and return the Compliment;
Act all superior as if what else did they expect?

3. A friend invites You To Dinner, Do you:

Phone up to Ask who else will be there;
Enquire What will be on the menu
Thank them and ask how you can help bring desserts etc?

4. When you are out with friends, do you enjoy the Moment;

Always find yourself competing by telling them your other car is a Rolls Royce
Just enjoy the moment and be thankful you were considered
Use the occasion to bitch and moan about other mutual friends?

5. In conversations, do you find yourself talking about Us and them
The Them you are referring To, Being the poor classes,
Those you consider less connected, than you
Or Anyone you consider below your elevated status?

6. Are you constantly regaling your friends with stories about:
How incompetent your helper supposedly is
Which of your expensive items your helper ruined
How crooked your helper is and or how many times you caught her stealing from you?

7. How do You Dress:

For Comfort and Pleasure
To Impress those around
To attract attention?

7. When Shopping, Do you:
a) Always pick up the most expensive brand
b) Shop for quality and durable products
c) Strictly buys Name-brand?

8. When out dining, Are you the one constantly:
Arguing with the Waiter
Skimping on the Tip, or refusing to
Place your order and relax and enjoy the company of those you are with and the food, when it is served?

9. Why do you grocery shop
a)To look rich by picking up the most expensive items on the shelves.
b)Your shopping list is headlined by Foreign items such as fruits, imported water;
c)Are you Always on your phone giving instructions to the help, when shopping?
d) For Nutritional value and taste?

10. Have you ever patronized Any of the Following:

a)The National Dance Theatre Company’s
b) L’aCadco in a performance
c) Pulse Fashion Model pageant
d) An Art exhibition
e)The Jamaican Folk Singers in Concert?

If You Scored: 80-100: You are definitely a Certified Bhutto, and really are in need of some social exposure; and should consider taking etiquette classes.
You try too hard to be the right fit. You need to relax as you are one drink away from a mental breakdown. Not to worry, You really are as alone as you think you are when you are home alone. Those you hang out with are just as tortured as you are, and that’s probably the bond that keeps your ‘friendship’ together.

60-80: You belong to the Nouveau Riche Class; You probably were born to poor parents or are from a single-parent household, whose parents struggled to make your life better than theirs; but you are now so affected, you not only deny them, but struggle to put so much distance between your background and your new-found place, Your life is a constant struggle to keep up appearances in order to constantly impress your new crowd.
Those you consider your friends, tolerate you, probably because you always pick-up the tab, or find some other way of keeping them ‘loyal’.

40-60: You are a well-adjusted human being, quite comfortable in your own skin, and will fit in comfortably at a cocktail party, at Kings House, or at a Corner bar or street dance. Your affectations are for fun and are not to be taken seriously, as you do not take them seriously but use them to take the mickey out of others. You are a prized guest, but probably turn down most invitations opting instead to spend time with those you consider real.

Above 40 or Below: You are A party animal, who does not give a rat’s ass, about what others think about you or how they see you. You are busy enjoying life and not trying to measure up to the expectations of others and you are definitely not trying to fit in with the in-crowd. Your friends consider you rock solid and value your friendship and company. Keep on Doing You!

How To Score: 1. A = 5; B = 8; C =-10
2. A =10; B=5: C= 7
3. A = 10; B = 7; C = 5
4. A = 10; B=5; C=10
5. A =10; B=10; C=10.
6. A.=10; B=10; C=10
7. A=10; B=8; C=10.
8. A=10; B=5 C=7
9. A=5;B=7; C=8; D10

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