Will PM Holness be Forced To Do A Bruce Golding?!?!

Prime Minister – Andrew Holness

Friends say the Champion Donor to the JLP for the last election is as mad as hell and he is mouthing off. They say he’s letting the World know that he was the single largest contributor to the JLP coffers over the 2016 and 2020 General Elections, and he is as mad as hell right now, because things aren’t going right for him and his former employee who now holds a cushy government appointment, is not doing a thing to help him sort out the mess he is in; he complains that the Prime Minister no longer takes his calls; says the finance Minister is a sell-out and complains bitterly about all the fat government contracts going to one man, and this man has not done as much as he did to support and promote the Government and its Policies…He is not a happy Camper and it seems things are only gonna get worse as some pending new regulations are designed to curb his enthusiasm and rein in his penchant for spending sprees.
Then word is all is not well in Corporate Jamaica, and major changes are coming to a number of ‘Forfune 500’ companies, as new boards and Directors are demanding changes that will see more monies being spread around. Wait for the changes as they promise to be corporate tremors…
And with all that kerfuffle between the US and Jamaican Governments, some are predicting that there will be a lot more visas withdrawn, and there will be greater scrutiny of some of our leading Political and Business personalities. Some are even predicting that political heads will roll in the aftermath of what is being regarded of a diplomatic faux pas, of the highest order on the path of the Foreign Minister, her advisors, and the Jamaican Government.
And a recent evaluation of the flow of guns into the region, after Jamaica’s Prime Minister complained to the US about them not doing enough to contain the flow of guns and ammunition into the region, concluded that both Jamaica and Trinidad are the transshipment hub, responsible for the flow of weapons and ammunition into the region, and this is primarily due to the connections between Drug Cartels and Connected Politicians in both country. So the word is: the concern was met with the admonition “Physician, Heal thyself”.

Kamina Johnson-Smith – Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade

And some are saying: the US watchlist of prominent Jamaicans suspected of high financial crimes and misdemeanors is growing and is quite alarming, as if the US were to make an extradition request, half of Corporate Jamaica would be left without leadership…Seems most of those denouncing Corruption, is the root cause of the Corruption they denounce publicly….

Bruce Golding

And at least one Political Observer is advising Prime Minister Holness to go easy on the anti-US political rhetoric, as those who have gone up against the US, publicly denouncing its foreign policy practices, did not fare well. They say look at what the US did to the Country to stifle Michael Manley Politically; And ask how Bruce Golding fared after foolishly declaring that Jamaica’s Independence did not begin or end in Liguanea (The US Embassy), as he was forced to resign after being given an option of stepping aside ‘voluntarily’ or allow himself to be forced aside, with the possibility of facing extradition to the US to have his day in Court. And we all know how that ended…Now rumours abound that the current Prime Minister himself, might be doing a Bruce Golding, soon…

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