The Vote Buying Fund

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Hear there are interesting times ahead, as some are saying the move to retain was a move akin to preparing the Praetorian Guard. And as Chief Palace Guard, the Job will be to frustrate the Processes, Prevent Criminal Prosecution of those who are in breach of the Integrity Commission; and frustrate extradition requests for party officers if and when those requests are made…
But people are saying: Not-So-Fast, as the Officeholder (who they say, was Supported By the Senate President, But rejected by others) better learn how to tip-toe thru the raindrops as Uncle Sam, will not be playing ease-up, if they go down that path, and apart from canceling Visas, they would not hesitate to seek the Extradition, to face charges in the US. So we are watching this one to see how it unfolds…

According to some, the 10 billion from the Road Funds and the Other 10 from PetroJam were set aside to buy votes for the next General Elections, but some fear that that sum will not be enough, as the people are decidedly tired of the regime and are hankering for change…
She was once the self-styled Queen of the Coast, but she seems to have lost her Kingdom, and all that went with it. Now that she has been deposed, all the horrid stories are emerging, and they tell an ugly story, of a social-climbing wanna-be, who sacrificed her very own Mother for the limelight; as well as causing her husband to lose his comfy Job, because she overstepped her boundaries, and ventured into territories that were reserved for social equals and not upstarts. And that’s not all, as friends who used to suffer her spiteful and bitchy tongue are all cashing in, now that she has fallen from grace and is dishing the dirt on her and the family, and it’s all so very painful to watch, the unmasking of another fraud, but many have gleefully tuned in and have subscribed to what some called The Wasted Days of Their Lives. As many say, she’s busy on Social media painting a picture of a glamorous life, when in reality, she’s really struggling to keep afloat, as the bill collectors are always just two steps behind her, yapping at her feet. And there’s another problem, as the new narrative of old money and manners, does not stand up to the scrutiny, and or meet the smell test, and that has resulted in people putting distance between them and the posers.

In fact, so joyfully was her fall from grace received, there’s a new Joke doing the rounds: Exclamation: “Wow, what was that noise?’ Answer: “Not to worry, just The Self-styled Queen of the coast, falling from Grace.
Seems like the “Dear Friends” are none-too-pleased that their “Treasured Friend”, has been elevated, to a cushy new job, as they are busy telling everyone the job is really a step-down, as its not really the Top Executive Position as is being said, but the more lowly one of a Night Manager…
Then people are still in shock and awe, that one ‘closeted’ high-profile one was toasting the Government for refusing to accredit the spouse of the Ambassador to be. His support for the government’s position has left many wondering if he thinks no one knows he is on the “Down-Low”.
Just heard that the Government is finding it harder and harder to find people who are willing to take up appointments to sit on boards, etc., as the word is they fear reputational damage, from association.
And questions are being raised about the high-rise building currently under construction, across from Jamaica House. Some are questioning how and why approval for such a structure was given and or approved, as it represents a potential danger, to the Offices of the Prime Minister.

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