The Top-10-Enduring Political Scandals, Dodging the Nation.

1 . Many Jamaicans believe the rumour that the grave supposedly housing the body of the late Edward Seaga, in National Heroes Park, is empty, as they contend that the body did not return to Jamaica on his death and that he did not die on the 28th of June, his birthday as was officially announced, but that he had died a week earlier, and the announcement and burial were staged managed by the Holness Administration, to garner political advantage, to go into the Next General Elections, and that explains the closed coffin being dragged across the island, ostensibly, to give his fans and supporters a chance to Mourn. But when the Coffin was not opened after lying in State at the JLP’s Belmont Road Headquarters In Kingston, for days, that act made people more convinced that there was nobody, in the casket. And further fuelled the rumour that the Elder Stateman and former Prime Minister, was laid to rest beside his parents in Boston. There are those who claim they have even seen a copy of the burial order for Boston.

2. Edward Seaga’s death was not the first of JLP leaders to be mired in Controversy. The first was Donald Sangster, who students of history and contemporaries of the time say, was the first Prime Minister’s death that was clouded in secrecy. Those offering an Opposing view to that of the National Narrative, say, Donald Sangster, was dead when he was Air-lifted by Special Arrangement With the US Government to Canada, to seek Medical care for what was thought a brain embolism. They said the Flight to Canada and the intervening days before Sangster was officially declared dead, gave the JLP time to put its house in order and facilitate succession planning, to allow for the naming of his successor and the subsequent national mourning. His Nighthood and the renaming of the Montego Bay Airport, in his Honour.


3. The nature of Ken Jones’s death has always been a source of historical contention for some in the JLP. At the time of his death, it was announced that Jones was sleep-walking when he reportedly fell from a balcony to his death, at a Hotel in Montego Bay. The problem, dissenters say, is that prior to this supposed act of somnambulism, Jones had no recorded history of Sleep-walking, so news of his death, due to sleep-walking came at a suspicious time, as indeed, Jones was in line to succeed the deceased Sangster, but the Powers that be, thought him unmanageable and hence, not the best fit to take over from the sanguine Sangster, and arranged his little Sleep-walking accident. It was further alleged that the Wife and family were coached, into backing up the official story, so as to avoid a major falling out and possible blowback for the family, if they aired a dissenting View.

4. An unforgettable Scandal was that of the Missing Schools. According to JLP historians, Authur Burt, who was A JLP Minister of Education, reportedly built a record number of Schools in the late 1960s leading into the 70s. In fact so prolific was the supposed School building program that the JLP developed a Campaign Slogan, That would end with the refrain; “Built By Labour”, after a new School supposedly built by the JLP was announced. The only problem was, the school building program was audited, and at least three supposedly newly constructed Schools were nowhere to be found, And Arthur Burt, rather than face the Criminal Music took flight and left Jamaica, stymying the Prosecutors, and to date, those missing schools have not been accounted for and Author Burt remained a fugitive at large, as no subsequent administration sought his extradition to face charges of fraud, Grand Larceny or even Simple Larceny as A Servant.

5. It was said, of this former Prime Minister, he was often so drunk, he did not know his arse from his forehead. But that did not stop the women from falling over themselves and offering him their sexual favours. The wife, however, was wise to his carryings on, as the story was the act of infidelities were being executed in an official residence, assigned to the PM’s office but not being used as such.
As the story goes, on this particular day, the wife was made aware that the Husband was at the Official residence and he was not alone. So she hurriedly commandeered a Car, summoned a driver, and demanded that she be taken to the Official residence, no doubt hoping to catch the husband inflagrento delicito. Knowing that the Security Detail was Loyal to the PM, she did not tell the Driver, her intended destination, until she was pretty close to the ‘Official Residence’ Upon hearing her intended destination, fearing the repercussions, the driver pulled into the parking lot of a neighbouring Fast-Food restaurant and parked the vehicle, and advised the wife he could not proceed to the specified destination. The wife then unleashed a torrent of cheap-cloth at him, and tried to so denigrate him, he apologised and exited the Motorvehicle, hailed a taxicab and returned to the office where he reported where the wife and the car could be found.
Now, this is where the story gets interesting, as the story goes: the head of security called the PM and advised him that the Wife, was on her way to the residence; the Prime Minister who was quite intoxicated, was so alarmed by the news, he vomited all over the hair of his then companion, who some said, was auditioning for a higher Cabinet position at the time, by performing Fellatio.

6. When Eddie Seaga Came to power in 1980, following his landslide victory at the polls, he did so with the help of the American CIA, and on the understanding that he was a financial wizard, whose wizardry would help pull the limping Jamaican economy out of its near comatose state. A State that Seag himself, along with the help of the CIA, had managed to create, to undermine and unseat their arch-rival, populist and champion of the people, Michael Manley. Imagine years later, it emerged that Seaga, had forgotten a Loan he had arranged to try and salvage his faltering company, a lapse of memory that had left him owing millions in principal and interests, that were never paid. This was such a face losing scandal, that not many pundits ever understood, how this affected Seaga/s credibility, and his chances to be reelected as Prime Minister, and dogged him up to his death.

7. Perhaps the second most damaged man, to have lost so much face during the Dudus saga, which resulted in the resignation of Prime Minister Bruce Golding, was the Rev, Al Miller. Long suspected of being a JLP activist and apologist, when news broke that The Rev. Al Miller, was caught Driving Dudus, whilst the country was under a dragnet, as it hunted the Tivoli Gardens Strong man and International Drug dealer, his image suffered instantaneous and irreparable harm. Here was a “Man Of God”, who instead of standing with the People of Jamaica and the Police, was caught shielding the Country’s most wanted fugitive and suspected Gang-lord. Not only did Al Miller damage his own reputation and credibility, he damaged the standing of the Church, as a pillar of decency and rectitude, with his act of Harbouring a Fugitive. Al Miller dealt the Church and the Labour Party a body blow to the political and religious solar-plexus, from which they have never fully recovered, and essentially branded him as a deceitful hypocrite, who paid lip service to the concept of being a supporter Law abiding initiatives, but was actively undermining the efforts of the Law Enforcers.

8. When news broke some time ago, that Prime Minister Bruce Golding, had retained the services of America Lawyers, Manatt/Phelps, to stymie the Americans in their attempt to extradite supposed Drug KingPin, Christopher Dudus Cooke, to face Criminal Charges, in the USA, Golding whose image that had somewhat been rehabilitated, after years on the frontline As A JLP Soldier, helping to Build garrisons and maintain party discipline, when he walked away from the JLP to form the NDM, only to return to the JLP as a matter of convenience in the hope of becoming Prime Minister, was completely shot. There was no coming back from this Scandal for Golding, as those who had funded his second-coming and worked hard to burnish and sanitize his image to make him palatable to the Jamaican Electorate, felt as if they were betrayed and Stabbed in the back, by a man who it became difficult to hear, because of his Actions. It was whispered that he had been given an ultimatum to vacate the office of Prime Minister or face US Justice, allegedly, by then Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, many in the JLP secretly rejoiced, as they thought their political chances were next to Zero, after the Manett/Phelps imbroglio and the Tivoli Massacre by the Security Forces, who supposedly went in search of Fugitive Dudus.

9. Andrew Holness has never been a favourite of the Jamaican electorate, but by the time Bruce Golding had resigned, the people were still in the throes of their Anti-PNP sentiments. Holness was considered Damaged Goods, but the people, in Desperation, turned to him to lead them out of political decadence decay, and maladministration. The fact that Holness, who had no history of entrepreneurial ventures, and whose primary source of employment since leaving University, had been working as a Clerk in Edward Seaga’s office, and then as A Member of Parliament, shocked the nation when his supposed wealth was revealed by the investigative Journalistc skills of Zahra Burton, in her investigative docureveal 18 Degrees North.
Ms. Burton, a former Beauty Queen, surprised many with her investigative reportage documenting the trail of real-estate deals undertaken by the Prime Minister, that began when he was the Minister Of Education, and supposedly made him so wealthy, he decided that an off-shore banking facility would be the best place to ensconce his wealth, away from the prying eyes of the Jamaican Taxman and the electorate!. To date, questions surround the credibility and honesty of the Prime Minister, as there were no satisfactory answers given to the queries posed by Ms. Burton, in her 18 Degrees North, investigative piece. That question persists to this day, and some say may explain the reasons the Integrity Commission, cannot sign off on his submissions to the Commission.

10. The most infamous surviving Scandal of all time is the one about the Jamaican Prime Minister, who lost a Piece of his manhood, because of his cheating ways. The story is, that the Prime Minister in question, was quite the Philanderer, and was a notorious womanizer who slept around with all and sundry, despite having a steady girlfriend. The girlfriend, who was a renowned beauty, kept hearing the stories of his infidelity and grew tired of them and so began to plot her revenge. And low and behold, he came home late one night after being out and about cavorting, when he should have been with his lady-Love, who was dutifully at home awaiting his arrival to go out for an official function. He showed up late and reportedly brusquely requested that they leave “Now”, suspecting he was out about his philandering ways cozied up to him and in doing so, caught the smell of a strange Perform on his cheek. She then did her own seduction act and lured him into their bed, wherewith the promise of the act of fellation, bit off a piece of his manhood, and stormed out of the bedroom…

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