Holness’s Growing Unpopularity, Causing Him To Shift Election Timetable

Election is in the Air, or the Scent of it is, and the word is The Wife Is now Constituency shopping, as complaints from the current constituents are mounting about her stewardship and style of leadership. The unofficial and yet unconfirmed word is that she has her eyes set on a rural constituency, where that MP has publicly stated he will not be seeking reelection at the next polls. But there Is resistance to her being given the nod as the fear is her “misplaced High-handed Attitude’ might make the safe seat not so safe If, she’s given the go-ahead… And the latest word coming out of that Constituency is that the MP has said he is prepared to run one last time, rather than hand over the seat, so she can lose it…Stay tuned..

Then the “Sisters” and their social media war for recognition is the talk Of lower and mid St Andrew, as the family feud, has gone viral. The story Is the ‘sister’ wanted to follow in the other “Sister’s” Footsteps straight into Parliament, but the Sittingt sister objected then, and as another General Election looms, the word is she is still blocking the ‘sister’s path, with the help and support of her husband.  

The story is that the aspiring sister used to go around badmouthing the sitting sister, whilst promoting her own candidacy, and when she heard, she not only blocked her on all her social media platforms; she also took the decision to block her path to parliamentary representation, and so has been fighting her candidacy since. Heard things got so bad that the aspirant was advised never to call back the family home in an expletive-laced tirade that would have shamed even fisherwomen.

 Since then both have taken to their social media platforms to try and upstage each other. With supposed ‘exclusive Pix’ from official and quasi-official functions…dueling for the spotlight. But the Aspirant is not giving up her fight as it is said she landed a job as an ‘Advisor’,  to the potential Challenger, and it could all break her way…

And speaking of seat-hunting heard that the First-Time MP from the Garden Parish is set to be replaced by the young up-and-coming political star, currently in the Senate, but has his eyes firmly set on representational politics. 

Word is he was being groomed to replace Delroy Chuck and or Karl Samuda, in St. Andrew, but the MP in question has been showing so badly, the decision was taken (and Communicated) that she will be stepping aside to make way for the young Turk, in order to bolster the JLP’s chances of holding unto the seat, to preserve a Firewall. But according to one political observer, the firewall, the JLP is hoping to build, will only hold, if and only if they see a maximum turnout of their voters on election day – Something he says, he would not bet on happening. 

Nick Perry

Then Y’all, heard that the Commish, that the Americans Forced out of Office, is being rehabilitated at the Taxpayer’s expense? And it seems like he’s not the only one as his Commander-In-Chief, who also resigned under dubious circumstances, which conventional wisdom said was his Get-out-of-Jail card, as the US, made him an offer he could not refuse, is also being rehabilitated at the taxpayers’ expense, as he has been working the Airwaves drumming-up support for his successor.

US Vice President, Kamala Harris


But word is that was being overlooked by the US State Department, but his recent appointment to the Caricom group looking to find a solution to war-torn Haiti, as an ‘Eminent Person’, raised more than a few eyebrows in the US Capital…And word is, the Audience sought and granted by the Head of Mission here, did not go well at all for those who sought the audience. 

Word is, that if groveling was an artform, our officials refined it in that meeting and all for naught, as nothing that was asked for, was given. And what was made clear to onlookers is just how low, we as a Nation have sunken on the Totem pole of international diplomacy, particularly, with our closest major trading partner and onetime political idealogue..

Then, some pundits are betting that the Prime Minister Will step down as PM and try to usher in His Finance Minister into the Job of Party Leader and Prime Minister, before the Next General Elections..Word is the Script has been prepared and the PM will come to the Nation and say it has always been his position that No PM Should serve more than two consecutive terms, ostensibly in the interest of Democracy, and announce his decision to step aside, but according to the same pundits, this will be a cover to hide the fact that our international big-brothers, are forcing him to do A ‘Bruce”. 

They say before he does his mea culpa, there will be a testing of the political waters with the calling of  Local Government Elections, between now and December, to mid-January, to pave the way for his exit and Nigel’s entry…The problem is many want to know if Chris Tufton will find the script agreeable… 

We wait with breath that is bated, for this potential political development.., 

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