The Higher The Monkey Climbs…

It has been one of those ‘Open-Secrets” for months, now, and not a very well-kept secret either, as those who stood the most from keeping it under wraps, have been as busy as honey-bees, sharing that little secret, to all and sundry, and to the detriment of the Government and its tenuous hold onto power.

So, here’s the scenario, let’s say for the purpose of this hypothesis, that Mrs. Juliet Holness, and Her Husband, Prime Minister Andrew Holness, are two, of the six-Parliamentarians, currently under suspicion of illegally enriching themselves, as is asserted by the Integrity Commission, in its report submitted to Parliament, but yet to be tabled in the Parliament?

If this is so, then why would Mrs. Holness, The MP for Eastern St. Andrew, allow herself to be considered as the successor to Former Speaker, Mrs. Darymple-Phillibert, who resigned as  House Speaker, in mocking disgrace, and as MP in a fit of rage?

If Mrs. Holness, is truly, one of those six Parliamentarians, as is being suggested and promoted by members of her own Caucus, then why would/did Mrs. Holness, allow herself to be elevated to the Position of House Speaker, if the allegations are indeed true, that she made that shortlist of supposedly six corrupt Parliamentarians, then it stands to reason, that it’s only a matter of time before Mrs. Holness herself, will have to vacate the Speaker’s Chair, to make way for another Speaker. 

And if this scenario plays itself out, then that can only weaken the JLP and its hold on the Government, as her act of assuming Leadership of the House, knowing fully well that she too was under investigation by the Integrity Commission, will only push the JLP and the Country into further turmoil, as her position as speaker would become untenable, and in accepting the appointment under such conditions, would cause even her most ardent supporters, to step away from her, and thus threaten her husband’s continuing stewardship of the Government, as then he would be exposed as part and parcel of the conspiracy to hoodwink the Jamaican People, for the benefit of his wife and himself.

Why Did The PNP Support Juliet Holness’s Elevation?

And then there’s the question of the PNP allowing Her, to forward unopposed, for the position of Speaker. What was their Motive? Was it a case of when you see your political enemy on a path of self-destruction, you simply step out of their way, or you seek to facilitate them, to hasten their destruction?

The Fact is, the PNP, was only too aware of the allegations swirling around the ‘First Lady’ and her Husband, as being two of the six Parliamentarians, under investigation, for illicitly enriching themselves. 

So, did they gamble on letting her go forward unopposed, to hasten the political demise of the Holness Administration?

This would appear to be the case, and one on which the PNP has invested serious political capital, as when questioned for it motive in supporting Mrs. Holness, one Senior Officer of the PNP would only say: Craven Chokes Puppy”.

The view from another Politician, but from an active  JLP politician, was not dissimilar from the views expressed by the Senior PNP Officer, as his response, was: “The allure of the Speaker’s Salary, appeared to have been too much, to ignore”. 

Emerging from the recent developments of Mrs. Dalrymple-Phillibert’s fall, and the elevation of Mrs. Juliet Holness, is an awareness, that the Holneeses, are completely cut off from the real world and are locked in their own echo chamber and are totally oblivious to the fact that to a large swathe of the electorate, their own party base included, is that they are not well-liked politically, and are regarded as Guests, who have overstayed their welcome. And the move to install Mrs Holness as House Speaker only further cemented that dislike in segments of the population, who saw the move as further evidence of what they consider the Greed, of the Holnesses, in their continuing quest, to enrich themselves, at the expense of the Jamaican People.

Curiously, word is now being leaked, that her elevation was not supported by the majority of her Party Colleagues, as some had the same reservations, we are now exploring. Even as they rushed to congratulate her on her elevation. One of those still supposedly smarting from her elevation, is her predecessor, who some say, sees it as hypocritical.

The Chinese way of withholding blessings on an issue or person would say: “May You Live in Interesting Times”., It seems they have now left a curse on the Holness Administration, reeling from their disquiet from the many reported fallouts over the Highway building Contract.

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