The Decline Of Art Galleries, Across The Island

Olympia Gallery

Not so long ago, Kingston was abuzz with art-Galleries, Exhibitions, overflowing with artists, the artsy, and of course, the culture vultures…Sadly not so, anymore. Which begs the question: Where have all the Art Galleries gone? 

Interestingly, at the time of the Gallery boom, there was a commensurate boom in nightlife, cafes, nightclubs, and alternative chill spots that catered to the performing artist and their following. 

Many may recall such Galleries as the Mutual Life Gallery, a donated space by the Mutual Life Assurance Society, operated by the indomitable Pat Ramsay, who was the unquestionable Doyenne of the Gallery Movement, that dominated the Art space at the time; then there was the Mutual Gallery operated by Gilous Bauer; the Upstairs Downstairs Gallery In Downtown Kingston, the Olympia Gallery; near Mona; owned and Operated by renowned artist Susan Alexander; the Contemporary Art Centre in Liguanea operated by celebrated artist Barry Watson and wife and Dianne Watson; the Hi Qo Gallery operated by Susan Fredricks in the Spanish Court boutique Plaza, in New Kingston, before moving to Waterloo Road; there was the Bolivar Gallery, operated by Hugh and Ouida Dumphy, their Gallery doubling as an Antique and Collectibles space; there was the Gallery Makonde, Operated by the charming Yvonne McClymont over there in the Wyndham Hotel then the Orchid Colony, on Waterloo Avenue; Gallery Pegasus operated by Vera Ennis; the Gene Pearson Gallery, operated by Evan Williams over on Renfrew Road; Grosvenor Gallery in Manor Park, operated by the Reid Family; The Artist Guild Gallery, in Halfway Tree; the Barry Watson Gallery on Old Hope Road; Revolution Gallery Operated by Carol Campbell on Lady Musgrave Road; Gallery 14 on Belmont Road; 

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