The 10 Most Feared Politicians In Jamaica.

In a country,  averaging 1500 Murders annually, much has been written and said of the Connection to Criminals and or Gangs, by some of our Parliamentarians. 

It is to be noted, that Jamaican Law Enforcement Officers and or Agencies, have never preferred criminal charges against any Politician, save and except for Criminal Corruption. But, over the years, the anecdotal evidence has been alluding to the criminal connection to many in the Political hierarchy and what some call their ‘Foot-Soldiers’, Criminal gangs, or Gangsters. 

Allegations There have been a-plenty, but hard evidence, resulting in arrest and conviction, is yet to be unearthed by our Police. And so the Chatter, continues and the Murder rate, continues to climb, resulting in an increasingly unstable society. 

To assess the pulse of the nation, we at, conducted an informal questionnaire, to rate our most feared Politicians, based on the perception of the people. 
Below, we List The 10-Most Feared Politicians, as Per, our informal sampling:

10. Babsy Grange:

Curiously, Minister Grange is the only female on this list, and her making the list raised a few eyebrows, in some quarters, but a nod and a wink, in others. The Minister of Culture, Sports and Gender affairs, is regarded by Jamaicans as a seriously partisan Politician, who is to be feared, as they see her as being willing to employ violence, to achieve her political ends. And with reported ties to the One-Order Gang, she is regarded as a well-connected heavyweight, when it comes to her ability, to act as a lightning rod.

9. Mike Henry:

MP Mike Henry, is not only feared, he is considered dangerous, as many cite his creation of a Garrison Constituency in Clarendon, as evidence of his supposed Patronage, of political violence. Many now say, what was an experiment that led to the creation of Central Clarendon, has become such a successful enterprise, that Central Clarendon has been exporting its strongarm tactics, to other Constituencies, and this has contributed to the widescale violence now enveloping the Country. 

8. Everald Warmington;

Many of his very own Supporters describe him as “Deceptively Dangerous”, when asked why, few are willing to discuss it or provide details. However, those who are brave enough to speak, Offer, in defense of their position, what they say as the hidden fact that ‘Warmy, has quietly made his Constituency into a JLP Garrison, whilst Commentators, fail to recognize this simple truth, when discussing Garrisons. And to qualify their claim, they point to the elimination of a well-known JLP Activist, whom they say was executed in a Church, because, he got off message, and posed a risk to Warmy.

7. Desmond McKenzie:

As Member of Parliament, for the Notorious Constituency of West Kingston, with its internationally reputed Criminal Gangs, the most notorious being the ‘Showa-Posse’, Desmond McKenzie, whilst not featured as a major player in the criminal underworld, is considered a contender, because of his supposed access to the gangs operating within his political geographical sphere of influence 

6. Dr. Nigel Clarke:

Has been dubbed the Sleeping Giant, of the JLP Political Army. Many say Nigel Clarke sits atop of an army of Political Thugs, he inherited from Former Long-serving MP Derrick Smith. They say that Dr. Clarke might not be aware of his own “strength”, as he has the ‘Army’ to roll out, if and when he decides to seriously challenge the Leadership of the JLP.’ Some Observers say, unlike some Colleague MPs and or Ministers, Dr. Clarke, seems not yet sensitized to his Army, but if and when, he is ready to challenge for the JLP Leadership, the Army of Gangs, he inherited, will be his best ticket to succeed Andrew Holness, as It was the absence of “Soldiers” Why Audley Shaw, Lost to Andrew Holness, in the War, to succeceed Bruce Golding

5. Opposition Senator, Peter Bunting;

Comes in as a surprise, as those who know him best,(or Claim to), say he has not displayed the political stomach, for the down-and-dirty, that would see him aligning with the political heavies, but that is strength, lies in the fact that he is a shrewd tactician, who plays the long game.  His detractors, however, sing an entirely different tune. They say whilst he does not cavort with known gangsters and hoodlums, he draws his support from rogue Policemen and women, whom he cultivated while serving as Minister of National Security, and this makes him far more dangerous as an opponent, than is widely believed.

4. Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

The emergence, of Prime Minister Andrew Holness, on this List, was a complete surprise. As he, regarded by most as a gentlemanly father figure, who is the Patrician of what was once a Fractioned and Fractious Party, to be seen as anything but, a Healing Figure, startled, many. The supposition, of the [possibility of him being, one consorting with criminals, is beyond absurd, and so not worthy of exploration. That said, however, The PM came in on the list of those to be Feared,

3. James Robertson;

 The Western St. Thomas MP, is a man feared by his opponents and colleagues on both aisles of the House. The Ivy League-educated businessman is said to have connections to the Political underworld, which has aroused the interest of both The US State Department and British MI5. Because of his alleged ties to the Political strongmen of the JLP, it is rumored, he represents a serious threat to the Leadership of Andrew Holness, and detractors go further to say, that any future Leader of the Party, who wants to realize those ambitions, can only do so with Robertson’s Blessings.

As the Most Senior Deputy Leader of the JLP, it is said, that Robertson, has no higher Political Ambition. And so does not pose a direct threat to the ambitions of others as he will not seek higher Office. They say, however, that he enjoys his role as a King-Maker, and that is a role he revels in, and has Trump’s equivalent of “Proud Boys”, only a call away.

2. Daryl Vaz

Described as the Political Cat, with 9-Lives, Daryl Vaz has created a reputation for getting things done, in Government. From his early days in the Bruce Golding Cabinet, Golding, said of Vaz, that he was a Minister, Who got things Done. Some say, it’s because he knows how the system works, and because of his many years of building relationships with the cogs, who make the system run. Others say it’s because of his Bullying tactics, backed by his extra-parliamentary connections. 

Dogged by allegations of his supposed involvement, in the Death of Schoolgirl Dian Thomas, , back in the 1980s; with other skirmishes with the Law, Vaz, is seen as a Teflon Don, even though, he has no known connections to organized Gangs and or Crime Bosses.

1. Dr. Horace Chang

Some say Of the Mild-mannered soft-spoken Medical Doctor, that If the JLP is a Criminal Organization, as some have argued, then those who advance that Argument, say of the St. James Member of Parliament, that he is the Party’s Enforcer. And points to the Wiki-Leaks release some years ago, linking him to the Stone Crusher Gang, say it was more than just idle chatter born out of Political mischief. But was more of calling a Stone, what it is based on information compiled and disseminated by the US Spying and Law-enforcement agencies. 

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