The 10 Most Disliked Politicians:

As we approach the Election season, our research team went on the road, to try and assess, the way the political wind was blowing, and to help us determine, who has the political edge, going into the elections. 

To guide us, we spoke to a number of known JLP and PNP supporters; activists, financiers, and members of the JLP’s Cabinet; the PNP’s Shadow Cabinet and people on the road, with no known affiliation to guess which direction the wind was blowing.

What we found was that there are some names that trigger a negative, almost visceral reaction, for some. And when questioned, respondents/participants would name these personalities, as the reason(s) they would not be voting for the JLP or the PNP, when the next elections are announced. 

We found that whilst the PNP as a party, is being eyed by some, its Leader, is still considered one of the most uninteresting political leaders in political memory. His detractors say he is yet to present a credible set of policies and or a philosophy to galvanize party supporters and or attract floating voters who have grown disaffected with Holness and the JLP. 

Correspondingly, whilst some JLP supporters and members say Andrew Holness and his wife, are the party’s greatest liabilities for the next elections. Others say the Party does not stand a ghost of a chance, if Holness, is not the Party Leader taking the JLP into the next elections.  

Elements both within the JLP and PNP expressed alarm and consternation about the level of disaffection from party loyalists within the JLP and the PNP, as party supporters say they are concerned with the growing numbers of frustrated party supporters, who have been expressing their disillusionment with their party leaders. But on the face of it, it seems that more Labour Party Supporters are planning to sit out the next election, rather than cast a vote for Holness to extend his grip on power. 

Golding seems to be benefitting from residual generational support for the PNP and is regarded as untested, and so worthy of being given an opportunity, to see what he could do as PM; whilst Holness has been PM for the last 7-years and is regarded by many, especially by his own team of supporters, as a let-down and unworthy of any further political investment. 

So, whilst Golding remains eternally unpopular, Holness has lost his sheen and his fans/supporters are turning away from him and politics, saying a plague on both your houses. 

In light of our findings, we have listed, based on our findings, the 10-Most Disliked Politicians, as relayed to us by prospective voters, supporters and members of both political parties.

The 10 Who Triggered the Most Viceral Rejection!

10. Education Minister Fayval Williams:
High-visibility promotes familiarisation. And this has led to the Minister earning the Contempt of voters and onlookers, resulting in the  Minister getting a failing grade from All her Constituents – Teachers, Students, Those Who voted for her, and her Cabinet and MP Colleagues. She simply cannot catch a break, as the common complaint is that she lacks the Leadership drive necessary, to lead the Education Ministry, at a time when it is in need of critical transformational thinking and leadership. 

9. Transport Minister Daryl Vaz:
Seems to be suffering from Voter fatigue, having been around for over two-decades, and his name is linked to quite a number of sordid affairs and unmentionable Scandals. Despite a reputation for being able to get things done, Vaz is regarded as dead-weight, and not many of his Ministerial colleagues will give him the time of Day. Many question his inclusion in the Cabinet and allude to the supposed fact that he has ‘Secrets for the Prime Minister”, and uses that info to retain his seat at the Round-Table’.

8. PNP Gen Sec. Dr. Dayton Campbell:
Seen as an albatross around the PNP’s political Neck. Often described as “Miss Lashie” due to his propensity to engage in the dialogue associated with women at the wash-stand. He has earned the active dislike of PNP supporters across every spectrum, with many saying he suffers from the proverbial Foot and Mouth disease, which makes him capable of snatching political defeat, from the verge of victory. And many see him and his utterances as a potential election spoiler, for the PNP.

7. Information Minister Robert Morgan:
Has earned the moniker “Wharfdog” due to his reputation for being a scrappy fighter, but more so, for his attitude and patronizing demeanor when addressing his colleagues and or JLP supporters. Regarded as little more than a yes-man, who has maneuvered his way into the confidence of the Prime Minister, and has now taken up duties as a Palace Guard. Morgan is regarded by his colleagues and Party insiders as a trifling nuisance, who takes nothing to the table, than an over-inflated ego, and a sense of his own importance, that retards his own performance.

6. Security Minister Dr. Horace Chang:
Is regarded as a monumental failure both within and outside of the JLP. Disgruntled and dissatisfied JLP supporters blame Dr. Chang, for the current crime wave and mounting murder tally stalking the nation. His critics, and there are many, say Dr. Chang is disengaged and the Prime Minister should relieve him of the Portfolio responsibility of National Security, and simply send him home where he could not do any more harm to the Government by his lackluster leadership of the Ministry.

5. MP Mrs. Juliet Holness:
There seems to be no love lost between Mrs. Juliet Holness MP and her Constituents; Her colleague MPs in the Parliament; her cast of Councillors, and the wider Membership of the JLP. All of whom regard her with heavy doses of skepticism; suspicion and disquiet. Many regard Mrs. Holness as the manipulative brain behind the Prime Minister, and accuse her of being a self-serving, greedy individual, whose primary concern is the financial wellbeing of herself, and by extension, her husband’s.

4. Finance Minister Dr. Nigel Clarke:
Once regarded positively as a possible political successor to the JLP Leader, Dr. Clarke, has weakened his hand and is now regarded with hostility, by many in the JLP. As they say he comes across as cold and unfeeling; haughty with little or no connection to the Voters and or the People.

3. Opposition Senator Peter Bunting:
Is regarded as public enemy Number One, by hardcore PNP supporters, who have fingered him as the Architect behind the disarray the PNP currently finds itself in. Commentators in several Online PNP support Groups, accuse Bunting of being a traitor, who committed high crimes and misdemeanors against the PNP by initiating the Anti Dr. Peter Phillips campaign, which divided the party and cost them the 2020 General Elections; and still have the PNP in a state of perpetual War, to this day.

2. Opposition Leader Mark Golding:
As the People’s frustration with the Government turns to Anger, that anger is spilling over to engulf the Opposition leader, as they say, he and the Opposition have not stepped up and offered themselves as a credible alternative to the pop-down Holness Government. Sometimes his race is mentioned as an obstacle.

1. Prime Minister Andrew Holness:
For many represents a betrayal of the promise of Change. Many who saw the Prime Minister As an agent of change offering hope to the young with the promise of Prosperity and a new style of Governance, are totally disappointed, as to them it seems that the Prime Minister has only used the time as Prime Minister to feather his own nest and that of his confidantes.

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