Tennis’s New Crown Prince: Prince Carlos Alcaraz!

What is there not to love about Carlos Alcaraz, his Game, and his Sportsmanship? The answer is absolutely Nothing! The Youngman is simply sensational. And as an Ambassador for the Sport of Tennis, he is simply, the best!

Watching him play, is a treat. Seeing him playing in the Finals at Wimbledon, was sheer joy; watching him beat Djokovic, was pure pleasure! 

Call it Dojovic fatigue, but as a tennis fan, I never warmed to Dojovic as a Player, as his on-court personality, came across as that of an entitled brat, that was willing to bully match officials, to get his way. To his credit, however, Dojokvic has game. 

But if Dojovic has game, Carlos Alcaraz has brains. And what was clear leading up to the Wimbledon Finals On Sunday, is that Carlos Alcaraz is a thinker. So in the end, the Championship was a duel between Djokovic the Slugger, and Alcaraz, the Thinker. And in the end, the Thinker out-think the Slugger and was crowned King of the Grass Courts of Wimbledon and it all made for a delightful spectacle.

To begin, Tennis was getting a tad boring, with the same three or four players, dominating and or winning the majors, for the last decade or so. And with Roger Federer, And Rafael Nadal, stepping away from the game, leaving Djokovic, as the dominant player, Tennis was losing its allure. 

As they say: Hope Springs Eternally, and so, Tennis Fans the world over suffering from ennui, began looking to Alcaraz, Sinner, Rune, and TsiTsipas, to bring back some magic and interest to the sport. Indeed, many not only tuned out of the game, but a new sport emerged in the interim, and that was Fans tuning in, to see Djokovic lose.

Imagine, the royal treat it was on Sunday, for millions around the world, on Sunday, not only to see Djokovic lose, but treated to an awesome display of grit, determination, and nerves of steel, who not only beat Djokovic but beat him comprehensively!

For those fans, Alcaraz’s start to his quest for his first Wimbledon Champion’s Title, could not have been more inauspicious – Losing as he did, the First set  6 -1. At the end of the first set, a collective groan was heard all around the globe, as Tennis fans who tuned in hoping for a competitive Championship, ending with the defeat of Djokovic, Suffered a bout of deflation and near depression, thinking that sadly, Wimbledon 2023, would be another runway for Djokovic.

How wrong they were though…The jitters did not quite go away in the second set though, as both players settled in and really began to battle. Call it nerves and or ‘old age’, but as the set rolled towards a tie-breaker, it was Djokovic who blinked in this set, whilst serving for a 6 – 5 Lead. Allowing the seemingly more composed Alcaraz, to ease past him to take the set 8 – 6.

Allowing fans a sigh of relief, with his winning of the second set, Alcaraz went on to show he was still a contender by taking the 3rd set 6 -1. But the jitters returned when he was broken in the fourth set, and double-faulted, whilst serving at 3 – 5, to gift Djokovic the fourth set. 

In the 5th and final set, it was Alcaraz who broke early and calmly went on to serve out the match, finishing off Djokovic with a punishing cross-court righthand that Djokovic netted, signaling game set and match, Alcaraz, causing the young Spaniard to fall to the grass and roll, getting up in time to meet the humbled Djokovic at the net and embrace him warmly. 

For his Maiden Wimbledon, the Young Spaniard will take home a comforting prize of £2,350,000, from a match that lasted just under 5-hours, but not without a bit of histrionics as Djokovic received a time warning; another and the wrath of the crowd in boos, for racquet abuse after delivering a punishing blow to the Netpost on court after losing a crucial point. And then threw was his post-match on-camera interview, that saw him breaking down and crying, after realizing he had lost before his son and family.

Meanwhile, in Alcaraz’s player’s box, it was indeed a family affair, as his box was populated by his Grandfather, Father, Uncles, Brothers, and a few Cousins, who were in high and celebratory spirits. 

Indeed, with King Felipe, of Spain, present, for the crowning of Spain’s newest Tennis Rockstar, it was the kind of performance from which urban legends emerge. As also spotted were: Prince Williams the Prince of Wales, his wife Kate Middleton who is the Patron of the All England Tennis Club, and so, handed out the trophies to the winner and runner-up; as were their children Princess Charlotte and Prince George; Iconic Tennis legend Billy-Jean King; Retiring James Bond, Daniel Craig and wife Rachel Weisz; Singer Ariana Grande; Hollywood hot-shot Brad Pitt; French-born, British Actress, Emma Watson and English Film Director, Producer, and Screen Writer Guy Ritchie, were some of the celebs out for what was truly an epic thriller; and the changing of the Guard. 

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