Some JLP Supporters Are Allergic To Honesty And Good Governance

Imagine, after 34 years of service to what is described glowingly as a successful company, you are told you have to retire. So you do, only to find out that you were not ‘really’ an employee, but a contractor, so you are not entitled to any benefits that would have accrued over that 34-year period. No, Pension, No Gratuities; No Profit Sharing; Not even Group Health Coverage?
Well, such is the case of one high-profile employee, who was recently made redundant, after over 3 decades with one company. But what is making the case such a bitter pill to swallow, is that it now appears that the decision to
‘Retire’ the long-serving employee, was taken on the eve of the ruling that the cohort of workers were employees and not contractors, as was being argued, so the decision was basically taken to deprive the former employee, of the benefits that would have accrued as an employee, had the ‘redundancy’ not been effected.
This one has left a bitter taste not just in the mouth of the affected employee, but in the mouths of a host of others, who are now distancing themselves from the offending Company and its Managers….
The rumour has it, that those who have been extradited to face Scamming charges in the USA are mere foot soldiers, as the Real Scammers (Masterminds), enjoy protection from their local Police and Government representatives…

Corporal Rohan James

And speaking of the Police: word is, The Federation Chairman, prior to his suspension and the attack on his character and that of other members of the Federation, the Chairman was not enjoying the fulsome support of the Rank and File members of the Federation, but His suspension and attack on his character are seen as acts of Political Victimization and an attempt to neuter the leadership of the Federation and this has resulted in rallying support for the suspended Chairman and has solidified his tenure.

According to one Retired Senior Officer, of the JCF, the Commissioner Blundered irreparably in suspending the Chairman, as the Force is accustomed to dissent from Conference Chairs, over the years. And that dissent was dealt with by simply promoting the Officeholder and thus making him ineligible, and thus removing the source of discord. By suspending the Conference Chair, the Commissioner has set himself on a collision course with the Federation and its members and that does not bode well for future cooperation and or stable policing going forward.
Some are saying the President of the PSOJ, in his recent utterings, has not done or said anything new, unusual, or different, he is just living up to the billing of his Surname…
The Wife walked out, finally taking the advice of her children, following years of abuse, by the Social Media Moral and Ethics Police, after suffering years of physical and mental abuse…That the abuser is campaigning for the reelection of the Holness Administration, comes as no surprise to anyone as it is said, he like many other supporters of Holness and the administration, is allergic to Honesty and Decency.

Not everybody, especially those in the Creative and Cultural Industries is happy, with the Low-keyed approach taken by the JCDC and Government to Commemorate the 185th anniversary of the proclamation of the abolition of slavery, or the celebration of the Country’s 61st Independence anniversary, for that matter. They say the Government and its agencies, paid such scant regard to these two milestones, little wonder the population see these two significant milestones as little more than a time to “jump up and get on bad”, as there were no Civic-minded inspired National commemoration, reminding the People of the trials and travails of our ancestors, that led to these two dates holding the significance they do, in our history.
Some say the Government and the Ministry of Culture, abdicated their role in this regard, and that has contributed to the waning respect for National symbols, and National Holidays, consequently, the National Flag has become an accessory to be trotted out and waved around when we compete on the global stage, but has generally lost its value, as a symbol garnering Pride, Unity of Purpose and Nationhood, all year round. Some have expressed the fear, that unless we return to the basics, our people will not be able to identify our National Heroes, and Historical and National Leaders, in a couple of years…

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