Our 10 Best Gift Suggestions For Dad, On Father’s Day!!

It’s that time of the year again when we all get anxious, as w,e individually or collectively as a family unit, to try and figure out the best way to pay homage to our Fathers, for Father’s Day.

Usually deciding on a gift for our Dads is made that much more difficult, because Dads, are usually quite reluctant to accept the Spotlight turned on them at this time and even more reluctant to accept gifts, preferring instead to urge restraint, as against ‘reckless’ indulgences. 

Despite their protestation to the contrary, Dads, do like being enjoyed, feted, and being made much of. And we suggest, that as we do on Mother’s Day, let us kill the fatted Calf, in celebration of Fathers and their role. 

And so, in celebration of Fathers, our Editorial team came together and prepared a list of the possible 10 Best Gift Ideas for Dads, to celebrate Father’s Day.

Note, our ideas are mere suggestions based on our own tastes, our list can be localized and or tailored, to meet with you on the ground realities such as location, affordability, and convenience. But what is of import here is the act of consciously and purposefully, celebrating our Fathers.


1.Weekend and or Dinner at Round Hill Hotel and Villas: Because Dad, is special, lets treat him to the best, and the Round Hill Hotel and Villas, is the epitome of fabulous living and dining. Booking a Villa, Brunch or Dinner, at the Round Hill, would truly be a Fabulous Gift experience for Dad, and one that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

2. A Home-cooked Meal, Prepared and Presented By Jackie Tyson: Some Dads, are home-bodies, and really would prefer staying at home, to relax and enjoy Father’s Day. For the homebody Dad, a wonderful gift would be to Book A chef and waiter, to do the heavy lifting in preparing and serving Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner, For Father’s Day. Our Chef of Choice, Is the celebrated Jackie Tyson, From Thought To Finish. This is guaranteed to be a most satisfying experience and another one that the entire family can share in.

3.Gym Membership and Or A Personal Trainer: Most men wont admit to it, but as tehy become comfortable, many tend to ignore their health and or physique, settling for what is now called the ‘Dad-Body’.  Giving Dad a gym membership or booking him a Personal-Trainer, is a thoughtful and very good Father’s Day gift, but presenting such a gift must be done in the most considerate and unobtrusive a manner as is possible. No ribbing him about his weight. Best to go about it by complimenting him on his looks and then suggest the Gift certificate is to encourage him to maintain that look.

  1. A Shopping Spree: Most men will initially refuse a Shopping Spree, as they consciously associate shopping spree with women. Fact is however, Men Like to Shop too. So,minstead of racking your collective minds as to what might be the best or desired Gift for Father’s Day, we suggest the family pool funds, to secure adequate spending money for his shopping spree and tell him because you all could not decide on what to get him, you all decided it was best if he did some shopping to get himself that special Father’s Day Gift(s).
  2. A Mayberry Bonds, Gift Certificate:Sometimes our Dads are so busy taking care of their families, they live in the moment, taking care of the immediate needs of the family such as Food, Shelter, Education, Health, Transportation and Leisure, they forget to prep for the future. Gifting Dad with A Mayberry Bond as a Father’s Day Gift Certificate, is a practical way of reminding him of the need to prep for the future, as well as as to give him a boost. The beauty of gifting him this certificate is the fact that this is yet another Father’s Day Gift, that the entire family can partake in.
  3. A Tech Upgrade: If your Dad, is a Techie, then a tech up-grade is ideal. This Upgrade can take the form of a New Smart-phone; A Computer upgrade; An Electronic upgrade such as having smart light switches installed in the home, that he can operare from his telephone. Switch the Gate from manual to electronic; Gifting him the Alexa device – These are all gifts the family can chip in to acquire, with the added bonus being the family will get to enjoy these gadgets as well.
  4.  Service Vehicle: Providing your Dad, with a comprehensive service for his vehicle, might seem mundane, but it is mundane gits such as these that are more appreciated at times. As Dads tend to operate on rote and more often than not, getting the vehicle serviced is not in his cycle.
  5. A Medical Check-up: Some might see scheduling a medical check-up for one’s dad as maudlin and even macabre, but the truth is, this is an act of love, as Dads, are notorious for their Fear of Doctors. Scheduling a Check up for your dad, and even accompanying him, helps to reduce his angst and may very well, be a life-saving intervention.
  6. A Year’s Subscription To: imagesandprofiles.com: Gifting Dad, a Year’s Subscription to Jamaica’s premiere Life-style emagazine, is not only a novel idea, it is providing him with a new platform from which he can access the latest social, financial, entertainment information, alongside the analysis and opinions and insights int the political macinations of the Government and Oposition, to keep him full informed without being detained by the weekly body-count trotted out by mainstream media and other source who traffic in blood and gore for sales and or ratings.
  7. A Spa Day: Most Dads are not inclined to indulge in obvious detailed selfcare. They will entertain the basics in hygiene prep and maintenance,  but will not necessarily go in for the facial; scalp treatment/massage, mani-pedi, and or the full-body-massage, or sauna treatment; this is what makes this, a perfect Father’s Day Gift, as Dad, get to be pampered by professionals and treated like the King that he is.

Finally, let us point out that whilst we are indeed promoting the celebration of Father’s Day, most of the gitf suggestions here are not bound by the Father’s Day Conventions and can be gifted for Father’s Day, but can be utilized any other day, at your Dad’s and or family’s convenience.

But lets endeavour to make this the Happiest of Father’s Day, as we toast and celebrate those who gave us life and purpose.


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