Nadine Willis’s Penning Tell-All Memoir…

Nadine Willis

Well, those who thought of her as “Done” are in for a rude awakening as the Girl, who once rocked the Dubious Head Line: ‘From Ghetto To Gucci And Back Again,’ is not yet ready to roll over and play dead for anyone. As that girl Nadine Willis, who was recently in the news, for the wrong headlines again – This time being homeless in America, is getting all set to release her tell-All Memoir, later this year, and luvs, it promises to be a page-turning hot-potato!

Now, few people in this life can lay authentic claim to the Roller-coaster epic, life that Nadine Will Has Lived.

Born and bred in the Ghetto, she is indeed a ghetto child, And that Child has now matured into a Ghetto Woman. And my oh my, what stories she has to tell.

 In any way, shape, or form, the Nadine Willis Story is an epic page-turner, as a young missy from Trench Town who has lived so many lives in her one lifetime, it is hard not to sit up in wonderment of her compelling and amazing story from rags to riches and back again, as indeed, the Nadine Willis Story is the Stuff on which Hollywood built its industry. 

Imagine being born a ‘pretty-Little-Black girl’, whom all the men in the ghetto wanted to bed. And having to navigate that from a tender age into womanhood. Add to that very little learning, so you are incapable of landing a traditional Job, so you land the one your natural beauty and physique equipped you for, and that’s working as A Go-Go Dancer. In seedy strip joints, and having to keep your young wits about you as you navigate the world of strippers, the sexual politics, and the many men who haunt these places of leisure, for sexual recreation and or the odd mistress. 

But as Tina Turner Sang in her Epic Comeback:…I am a private dancer, a dancer for money, and any old music will do”.

Well, that sums up the early Nadine Willis’s experience – She was a private dancer, who danced for the money, but all the time she danced, she knew deep down that dancing was a rung on her ladder to self-actualization and not her ultimate destination. And as she danced endless nights for shadowy and nameless faces, the Money she kept her eyes on was the fact that she was seized with the notion that she had what it took to become a successful Model. After all, all the men who came to see her dance told her how beautiful she was, and that she could be a model. Could not all have been lying because they wanted her Pum-Pum? 

Well, whether or not they were lying, Nadine held unto her dream as the next rung on her ladder and bided her time whilst still dancing for the money, until she got to the point where she had developed the confidence to walk off the Burlesque stage and into the offices of the Country’s and Region’s leading Modeling Agency, to tell its founder and director, that she would not only like to become a model but had the confidence to foretell her own success. 

Talk about ballsy.

  Well, Nadine Willis Is A Balsy Girl, who tells it as she sees it, in the language she’s comfortable speaking in, and without the guile grift, or graft many now use as a tool of advancement and is in reality, their default personality.

Well, a lesser talent spotter than Kingsley Cooper, might have dismissed Nadine Willis, and her dreams of modeling when she, quite unabashedly, told him of her background as a Go-Go-Dancer. Despite the evidence of her strong, beautiful Afrocentric features and lithe body, that could indeed rip runways and grace the pages of the existing fashion Bibles. But being the consummate professional, and connoisseur, Cooper, the Head of the Pulse Modeling Agency, did no scoffing and or grandstanding, but took Nadine Willis at her earnest best and decided to work with her, to realize her ambition. 

Well as the Cliche goes, the rest was History. 

To be sure Nadine Willis walked off the Go-Go Stage in some seedy parts of Kingston and straight into Gucci, international notoriety, fame, and stardom. 

But, her early upbringing and socialization did not prepare Nadine for such ‘mundane’ things as discipline, and ‘tawdry’ notions as punctuality. And horror of horrors, leaving her friends and relatives in the ghetto behind to fend for themselves. 

And so, the absence of personal discipline;m and her deep sense of loyalty, saw her missing assignments and engagements, sometimes to be with friends for special occasions; and generous to a fault, she was always looking out (taking care of) a number of her friends and relatives in the ghetto, without first cementing her own foundation. 

Her fall from the world stage was heard around the world, but she never lost her fan base and hardcore male admirers, and a handful of friends, she met when she first emerged out of the shadows of the burlesque. 

Still admired and celebrated, Nadine Willis is a story of human triumph and success over the accident of birthright, an inner-city address, a failed national educational platform; and the victim of colonial parenting, which imprisoned instead of empowering, And an all-pervasive intrusive ghetto cultural outlook that deflowered young women and girls in every way possible. In order to dehumanize them so they would stay in the “Lane’ assigned by the area Don and or his lieutenants. 

So, her last headline was about her struggles in the US and her homelessness, but as is typical of Nadine Willis, that was merely yet another chapter in her life, not her epitaph. And come this winter, when her much anticipated Tome is scheduled to hit bookstores and Social Media platforms, Nadine Willis Would only have climbed another rung on her ladder of life, instead of her attaining her ultimate goal…

And we await her Memoir, with bated breath…As do a number of high profilers, politicos, and others…Stay tuned, as it promises to be a draws-dropping Best-Seller!!!

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