Jamaican PM Left In The Dog House In The Bahamas.

US Vice President , Kamala Harris and Bahamian Prime Minister Phillip DavisWord out of the Bahamas is that despite his many efforts to secure a Photo-Op, with the visiting US Vice President Kamla Harris, , who was in the Bahamas for a high-power pow-wow with Caribbean Leaders last week, the Jamaican Prime Minister who skipped the Caricom Heads meeting, last year after it became known that it was the Bahamian PM, who corralled the anti-Kamina Johson-Smith votes, that torpedoed her bid to become Secretary General of the Commonwealth, rushed to the Bahamas, hoping to hob-nob with the US VP but was snubbed, in the process, as the VP, did not even give him the courtesy of a ‘sidebar’ and or a photo-op. So many are now ruing the visit. In fact, many are saying the current supposed high-level Caricom meeting being hosted by Jamaica to facilitate an end to the political gridlock in Haiti, is nothing but a grand waste of time and energy, as the meeting, should have been rightly held in the Bahamas, last week, with the US VP in attendance and other senior State Department Reps, who could have better guided the process to a resolution instead of this Charade being played out on stage in Kingston, where Security has had to be beefed up for the Visiting Haitian Prime Minister and at the Foreign Affairs Ministry, after the Jamaican Consulate in Haiti, was reportedly set afire on Tuesday, by arsonists unknown, but according to Observers, was deliberated caused by Haitians opposed to the role Jamaican leaders have appointed themselves. Word is, the Caricom Meeting in the Bahamas was such an embarrassment, that rather than flying back to Kingston, the Prime Minister first flew to Washington, for consultations with Jamaica’s Ambassador to the US, her Excellency Audrey Markes, to advise her to seek and convene some high-level meetings with those of influence and power in the Biden Administration; the Black Caucus; or whomever she can, to try and patch-up things to facilitate some kind of high-profile meeting and photo-op, to assuage the Prime Minister, who insiders say, is smarting from the VP Snub in the Bahamas, as the snubbing did not go unnoticed by other Caricom Leaders. Meanwhile, back in Jamaica, news junkies have been scouring the Internet, in search of that one photo of the US Vice President And The Jamaican Prime Minister, in a Tete-Tete,…The ‘Summit’ is long over and they are still looking… And as for the “Eminent Persons” Show, supposedly trying to get the warring factions in Haiti, to put down their guns and negotiate, word is there’s nothing going on but the Photo-op, as the real power, to make anything happen is the US and for reasons best known to them, they are shying away from taking an active and or visible role in the supposed negotiations, and the combatant on the ground in Haiti, are aware and have not been sufficiently incentivized to make a commitment to lasting peace, so the gunbattles daily rapes and mayhem is set to continue, especially since the FBI has reportedly offered a US$I-Million dollar reward for one of the leading protagonists… Some concerned Jamaicans are expressing their angst, about the full assault being mounted by Members of the Government on the Integrity Commission. Many are concerned that the one functional entity set up to guard against the corrupt practices of our elected officials, their appointees, and other public officials is being set up as the fall agency for the widespread corruption that has been unleashed on society. The fear they say is that all this badmouthing of the Commission does not auger well for the continuing life of the Commission and they worry that all the badmouthing is a precursor to dismantling the body… And some are whispering that the Track-Star and her husband have called it quits…More anon..
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