How Well Do You Know The Reasons We Celebrate Emancipendence?

Every year, at this time, Jamaicans at home and abroad, gather to celebrate both our Emancipation and five days later, to celebrate our Independence.
A recent informal survey, conducted by this Magazine among its online readers confirmed what was suspected in commissioning the Survey – Most Jamaicans are not aware of the true meaning of Emancipation Day. But a slighter higher margin, are aware of why we celebrate Independence Day.
With the period of both National Holidays being so close, some have paired the two, to create what is now termed the Emancipendence Celebrations.
To increase awareness of the history and reasons for Emancipation and Independence, we have cudgeled together a Pop-up Quiz, to test readers’ knowledge on the Importance of both days and the reasons for them being merely days Apart, despite one coming nearly two hundred years before the other.
We invite you to play along to test your own knowledge and or to increase your awareness:

Which Came First, Emancipation or Independence?

2. In what year was Emancipation from Slavery first Proclaimed?
c) 1694

3. Who first Colonized Jamaica:
The French
The Portuguese
The English
The Spanish

4. Where Did Most of the early slaves, that were brought to Jamaica come from:
West Africa

5. Who were the first known inhabitants of the Island?
The Spaniards
The Africans
The Tainos
The Pirates

6. What Jamaican Port, reportedly inspired the Movie, The Pirates of the Caribbean?
Port Antonio
Port Esquivel
Port Royal
Port St. Lucie.

7. Who were the two world powers who fought to colonize Jamaica, and which of the two won?
The United States and Britain
Cuba and The United States
Britain and Spain

8. What Labour Intensive Crops Were Introduced In The 1600s That was used to Justify the Introduction of Slave Labour?
Sugar Cane

9. After the Importation of Africans As Slaves; Which other Race came as Indentured Servants?
The Chinese
The Indians
The Tainos

10. Which early Jamaican Leader Changed his Name to Make Him More Appealing to Voters:?
Norman Washington Manley
Marcus Mosiah Garvey
George William Gordon
Alexander Bustamante

11. Which Early Jamaican Leader Refused A Knighthood From the British, for His Work As An Independence Fighter?
Paul Bogle
Sam Sharpe
Hugh Lawson Shearer
Norman Washington Manley

12. Which Prime Minister Had the Shortest Stint in Office as Prime Minister and How Long Did He Serve?
a)Norman Washington Manley – 3 Years
b) Hugh Lawson Shearer: 2 1/2 Years.
c) Sir Donald Sangster: 9-Weeks.
d) Governor Hugh Foot: 6-Weeks.

13. Who Was The Last British Governor of Jamaica, Who Took Down the Union Jack, When Jamaica Won Its Independence From Britain?
Sir Kenneth Blackburn
Sir Edgerton Kerr
Sir Clifford Campbell
Sir Hugh Foote

14. Who was Appointed Jamaica’s First Native-Born Govenor General?
Sir Donald Sangster
Sir Clifford Campbell
Sir Florizel Glasspole
Sir Hugh Foote

15. Who Was Elected The First Prime Minister Of Independent Jamaica?
Norman Washington Manley
Sir Alexander Bustamante
Sir Donald Sangster
Hugh Lawson Shearer

16; What was the Name Given To the Annual Christmas Family Entertainment Production That Opened On Boxing Day At The Little Theatre?
The National Dance Theatre Company Season Of Dance
The National Pantomime
Nuggets For The Needy
The Colgate Cavity Fighters Show

17. Who Was Jamaica’s First Elected Female Politician?
Madam Rose Leon
Dr. Mavis Gilmour
Enid Bennett
Mrs Iris Collins.

18. Which Two Jamaican Prime Ministers Never Won An Electoral Majority To The Office?
Seaga and Shearer
Busta And Sangster
Holness and Shearer
Sangster and Shearer?

19. Which Parish In Jamaica Has Produced the Most Prime Ministers from within its Constituencies?
St Catherine
St Andrew
St James

20. Who Was Jamaica’s First Black Prime Minister?
Alexander Bustamante
Donald Sangster;
Hugh Lawson Shearer
Michael Manley

How To Score:
1 A=4 B=5 C=3
2. A= 3. B=5 . C=4.
3. A=2. B=3. C.4 = .D=5.
4. A=2. B.=3. C=4. D=5.
5. A=3. B=2. C=5. D =4.
6. A=4. B=3. C.=5. D=2.
7.A= 2. B=3. C.=5.D=5
8. A=4. B=3. C=2. D=5.
9. A=4. B=5.C=3.
10. A=4.B=3. C=2.D=5.
11. A=4. B=3.C=2 D=5.
12. A=3.B=4.C=8 .D=2.
13. A=5.B=3.C=4.D=2
14. A=3. B=5.C=2.D=4
15. A=4. B=5.C=2. D=3
16. A=2. B-5. C=3. D=4
17. A=4. B=3. C=2.D=5.
18. A=2. B=4. C=2. D=5.
19. A=4.B=3. C=2 D=5.
20. A=3. B=4. C=5. D=2.

Assessing Your Score:

100 And Over: Congrats. Go To The Top Of The Class, As You Are The Top Of The Class. Send Us Your Score Card So We Can Reward You:

80-100 You are definitely On Top of your Historical Game, And Worthy of Celebrating The Emancipendence Holidays. Enjoy!

60-80: Game On. You are Culturally And Historically Aware. You Can Do A Little Reading To Bring You Completely Up To Speed. But Not To Worry, You Are In The Game.

30 – 50. You Are A Shame To Our Freedom Fighters And All Others Who Sacrificed In Order For You To Be Able To Enjoy the Emancipendence Holidays. Instead Of Going Out To Celebrate, Go Do Some Research And Educate Yourself, So You Can Educate Others. Your Ignorance Is An Insult To Their Sacrifices And Sufferings.

Anything Less Than 40, Is An Excuse For You To Simply STFU!!

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