Word is at least two senior Banking executives’ heads are on the chopping block, and they are expected to be separated from their very cushy multi-million dollar jobs later this week. The story is disquiet is growing as the executives seem to be living high on the hog, whilst shareholders are being starved of dividends.
There’s fresh talk of replacing the PNP President, before the next General Elections, to give the Party a better fighting chance at the Polls for the next general elections, as concerns mount that the Party Leader is still polling significantly lower than Andrew Holness, despite the general sense of disquiet sweeping across the nation, which sees the JLP losing popularity and the confidence of the People, but no commensurate bump in the polling fortunes of the PNP Leader. Work is underway to broker a deal that would see Golding being pushed aside for someone with a populist appeal. And that someone according to someone close to the machinations, would be Senator Damion Crawford.

According to a privately commissioned Poll, Crawford is seen as the best choice to step forward and move the Party forward with him, from among those who are regarded as the GenX Future leaders.

Then some are saying the exercise was a grand waste of Money, as some say after Wifey spent a fortune on a cosmetic makeover that included major liposuction and fat redistribution and even renovations on her mouth, the fat that was removed has returned with a vengeance, and is repopulating her body., only after a few months.

Then it seems like the former Colleagues of the Cantankerous one who thought her crossing the floor, would have been earth-shattering, are having the last laugh. They point to the source of their mirth as being the fact that she has pretty much been silenced since crossing the floor, and with a criminal case pending, she definitely jumped from the Frying pan, straight into the fire…
As her former Colleagues count their blessings, some are hoping and praying that another one of their colleagues will muster up the courage and follow her across the floor, so the Party can be rid of the bad-mouthing sour puss, who seems to always be challenging the Party, it leader and others, who do not see Politics and Political Leadership, thru the Jaundiced eyes she see it.
Some say her social media posts is like she’s auditioning for a welcome to the JLP, and they wish the JLP would embrace her so the party can be rid of her once and for all…
The multi-million dollar price tickets being advertised for the Reggae Festival have convinced some music people that the promoters have lost their marbles, as they say, reggae music was never about catering to and for the elites but was about seeking to create a level playing field and provide a platform for the poor and underserved of the society.
They say the advertised prices for tickets, especially on the night when a ‘Foreigner’ is the headliner, is a slap in the face and a sell-out. And some now are asking just how much will the Foreigner will be paid for his appearance, compared to Jamaicans, who will also be appearing on the show.
Then the celebration was billed as a gathering of the “A_crowd”, but according to some of those who attended, it really was a gathering of the B-Crowd, as A-listers were noticeable by their absence. Some say even the Prime Minister who is busy accepting every invitation from all and sundry, was a no-show, as were quite a number of the usual suspects…causing one guest to quip: “The Mighty seems to have fallen”. Heard the fallout stems from the fact that most of the Company’s employees, rely on the Goodness of random strangers, to make it through some days…

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