Don’t Ignore Your Mind While Building Your Physique

So, the craze these days is to attain that Body Beautiful Status, at all cost, with some not only paying dearly in dollars for a Gym membership, personal trainer; appropriate gym gear, and even expensive supplements, to help in attaining the perfect trophy body, A body that is the envy of your associates, and a source of lust for the opposite sex; and if swinging is your thing, then not just the Opposite sex, but a body that most would find attractive enough to pursue.

Now this is all fabulous as a fine-looking body, is often interpreted to mean a healthy individual as well., and conflated to mean a well-balanced individual, socially aware and supposedly schooled in the social graces and the ways of the world.
Lately, what is becoming clearer and clearer, is that those who invest, and heavily, in prepping for the perfect body, as a calling card and or a personal advert saying: ‘I am all that, come and get me, or at least give it a try’, fall just short of their own projections because they in their determination to “perfect’ the physical, ignored the mental, and consequently, instead of being rated a 10, is reduced to a 5, or a 6. And sometimes even lower, because of the underdevelopment of the mental faculties.
Many are comfortable in bedding a ‘pretty dunce’, and view such encounters as par for the long course, however very few of those, who will hop in bed with a pretty dunce, for the heck of it, will stick around to make a long-haul out of the liaison, as usually whilst pretty dunces are good for a roll in the hay, or maybe fabulous looking arm-candy, they are not wife or companion material.

So, the long and snd short of this soliloquy is when you go in search of the perfect physique, do not ignore developing your brain, to the point where you are capable of and conversant with topical subjects, world politics, and even the happenings in the corporate world.
We are not suggesting that you be able to argue and be like a rocket scientist, we are simply saying be a well-rounded individual, instead of a one-dimensional version of yourself, who is so heavily invested in your physical appearance, you have completely neglected feeding the mind, to make it complement the physique.
So, just as your body needs regular workouts, to keep it fit and beach ready, your mind also requires constant exercise, to keep it fit and durable. And in this age where there are daily reports of younger and younger people getting afflicted by early dementia and or some other kind of mind-altering deleterious ailment, we suggest you regularly engage in some kind of ‘mind-game’ to exercise and expand the boundaries of the mind, to build mental muscle, that should stand you in good stead, before the going gets rough, just in case it does.
So, are you mentally agile; are you on top of your mind game, or are you being dwarfed by your own preoccupation, instead of constantly accepting new ideas, challenges and or experiences, to broaden your social and intellectual scope, to keep up with your physical plateau?
In this issue, we invite you to take a simple little test, to determine if you are indeed flexible or caught in a time warp, unable to receive new and inspiring information:
Take the test below, by answering the questions: To find out:

  • Your Company introduces a series of Lunchtime seminars to cover Computer literacy, a subject you are not necessarily up to speed on, do you:

a)Sign up for the seminars,
b)Refuse to because Lunch time is your time;

  1. c) Drop in a few times, because your lunch crowd does?


  1. You are reading a gripping novel and you come across a word, you have never seen before, Do You:
  1. Take a break from reading to look it up
  2. Make a note to self, to look it up later.
  3. Guess the meaning, based on context?


  1. 3. You have won a European Vacation that takes you to at least 4 Different countries, that you have never visited before, how Do You prepare:
  1. Google the countries, Customs, Food, Architecture, and history
  2. Wing it,
  3. Leaf through guidebooks or any other available literature to bring you up to speed?


  1. You are out with a group, and during dinner, one speaker introduces a subject about something you are completely in the dark about, Do you:
  1. Ask for specifics, in the hope of learning;
  2. Ask a few questions to appear knowledgeable or interested,
  3. Try to change the subject to a topic you are more familiar and comfy with.


  1. When invited to dine out, are you inclined to:

a). Try a new dish or cocktail

  1. b) Peruse the menu and order the most expensive dish, in order to appear sophisticated.
  2. c) Order a dish you are comfortable with, regardless of the cost?


  1. You are about to make your first real estate purchase, Do you:

a). Sign on the dotted line as instructed by your Attorney;
b). Read the agreement from cover to cover, and request an explanation when needed, or c) Simply browse and then sign, trusting your attorney, is acting in your best interest?

  1. You are driving on the North-South Highway, observing the speed limit and other road protocols, and you are stopped by the Police, Do You:

a). Pull over and ask the Police to explain their reason for stopping you,

  1. b) Pullover in righteous indignation and haughtily demand that the Police tell you why they stopped you
  2. c) Aware you have done nothing wrong, offer to buy the Police a drink, in the hope they will accept and wave you on?


  1. You have been short-listed for your dream job, with a company you want to work for, how do you prep:
  1. Go online and try and find the company’s annual reports, and balance sheets, look up its principals;
  2. Fast and Pray, and hope for divine intervention;
  3. Spruce up your resume, to make it fit for purpose.

Now that you have completed our little Quiz, Now check our Score table to see how you measure up after you check our Rating Schedule;

If You Scored: 80 -100, you get high marks for being a mind-builder, who still has an open mind and is prepared to learn as you go. This makes you interesting, appealing, and good company.

60-80: You are well-intentioned, but as they say, the Road to hell is paved with good intentions. You have loads of unexplored mental potential, It’s time to start asking those nagging questions; look up those words; and learn to follow your instincts. This path will align your mind with your physique and make you that much more attractive and not just a good-looking eye candy.

50-60: You are lazy. You often opt to take the easy way out rather than question others or yourself. You should try some mind-building exercises such as playing Scrabble; Backgammon; Kalooki; and even Dominoes – The Point here is, that Social interaction will help you build mind muscle. Practice reading, you can start with an unfamiliar writer or columnist; and when you come across new words, look them up to broaden your Vocab. This will help in unifying your mental prowess with your physical appeal, and make you a winning specimen. Go for it!

40-60: If you score Below 40, You definitely need help. Start by seeking out more challenging associates, to stimulate you and create a more curious mind. And set yourself daily tasks that see you meeting new people and reading more. This will help in building mind muscles and a more rounded individual.

How You Score: 

Ques 1. A = 0; B = 10; C = 5
Ques 2. A = 10; B = 5; C = 5
Ques 3. A = 10; B = 0; C = 5
Ques 4. A = 10; B = 0; C = 0.
Ques 5. A = 5; B = O; C = 10.
Ques 6. A = 0; B = 10; C = 5.
Ques 7. A = 20; B = 0; C = 0
Ques 8. A = 20; B = 0; C = 0.

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