From Love at First Sight to Forever

Friends, say, it was clearly a case of ‘Love, At First Sight’, as when Constance Holdsworth, Jamaican Social powerhouse and longtime personal Executive Assistant to the Founder and Lasco Chairman of the Lasco Group of Companies, the effervescently charming “Connie” to her friends, and Barrington Keith Morris, an American Building Contractor, and Chocolate Hunk, from San Francisco, laid eyes on each other, at a reception for a mutual friend, at the fabulous Bamboo Blue, near Mamee Bay, in St Ann, just under two years ago,, the two were smitten with each other. 

Smitten as they clearly were, friends, did not think there would be any long-term viability, as with Connie, Living in Jamaica and her intended residing in San Francisco, few thought, that what was a clear spark, would burn into a flame of love. 

How wrong they were, as Cupid always finds a way, and that he did as he let his arrow go at the targeted Couple, and the physical challenge, proved no hindrance at all, as the couple not only kept in touch, but visited with each other, rekindling and stoking their romance, and making sure, that their bond grew. 

And so it was, after their chance, meeting in St Ann, nearly two years to the date, the Couple, preferring to avoid the expectations and spectacle of a public marriage and reception, decided on eloping and tying the knot, in a less ostentatious ceremony, and this they did, on a warm September Morn, in an intimate and beautiful wedding ceremony, in San Clemente, California, and the twain became one as Mr. and Mrs. Barrington Morris

And what’s a wedding, if those tying the Knot, don’t have friends and relatives, to witness and share in the happy occasion? Well, despite this wedding being very hush-hush, a shortlist of relatives and immediate friends, were on hand to witness and share in the event, adding to the joys and sanctity of it all. 

The Newlyweds started the first Leg of their Honeymoon, with a trip to Sacramento, and will head to Jamaica and the North Coast, to the scene of their first encounter, as a testament to their commitment. 

We wish them All that’s fab and more!!!

Now, ImagesandProfiles was not on hand for the Happy occasion, but a friend was, and she shared some pix of the happy nuptials and we share them with our readers.

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