Dalrymple’s Forced Swan Song

Diplomatic About Face:

Word out of Washington is that it seems as if the Jamaican Government And Foreign Minister, Have Reversed Themselves, and have decided to grant diplomatic privileges to the same-gender spouse of the Expected American Diplomat, paving the Way for the US to grant a two-year waiver to the Jamaican Consul General In Florida; and For the Washington based Ambassador to continue serving, until such time.

The Diplomatic Grace, will not be extended, however, to the Consul General’s Deputy and His Deputy in Florida, as both are still expected to vacate their posts, at the end of October.

Dalrymple’s Forced Swan Song:

Some say, the Thursday Morning Meeting With Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Former Speaker of the House, Mrs. Dalrymple-Phillbert, did not go as well as she thought, as she thought that the Prime Minister would have given her some strength, after her haughty handling of the Integrity Commission Report, where she was the subject of the Director Of Investigations referal for Criminal prosecution. 

Those Close to her say she thought the Prime Minister and the Party threw her under the Bus, at a time when she needed their support, particularly, as she had saved the party the major falling out by deep-sixing the Report from the same Commission naming six, who the Commission fingered for Illicit Enrichment. 

Seems she felt that as she provided Cover for the Party, the Party should have covered for her. And that was her primary reason for not only resigning as House Speaker but tendering her Resignation as Member of Parliament as well. Because She felt betrayed…

What A Conundrum:

Some are saying, now that Mrs. Dalrymple Phillibert has stepped aside, the Prime Minister will have to Go back to the drawing board and find a new House Speaker, from within the Ranks of Back-benchers, because the Deputy Speaker, whose Integrity Commission’s Filings have not yet been certified, might come back to bite the Government in the backside, if the current deputy Speaker, is elevated. …

And Still speaking of Mrs. Dalrymple-Philibert, word is her chapter in the corruption saga, is not yet over as there is still the matter of possible fraud prosecution as well as charges for Larceny As AServant, arising from an outstanding matter, that will only serve to Embarrass, the Judiciary and Justice System, including The General Legal Council for its role in facilitating the shenanigans of the former Speaker, long before she was elevated. As some contend had the GLC, done its work, the Former JLP, would never had made it to the houses of Parliament…

Dalrymple’s Forced Swan Song:

Then Legal Scholars, are debating amongst themselves, the legality of Paula Llewellyn continuing as DPP, as some contend that Ms. Llewellyn having attained the age 0f 60, in 2020, the age the Constitution mandates the retirement of the sitting DPP, that same Constitution legally says that the Office Holder is eligible for an extension of 3-years, and Ms. Llewellyn having availed her self of that extension, cannot legally be the beneficiary of the indecent arrangement to facilitate her continuing to serve, so consequentially, her continuing to ‘Serve” as DPP, as a Criminal Trespass, on the office, and the authority of the Office, facilitated by a desperate Government, hoping that a Beholden DPP, will look favourable on possibly impending cases, involving high-ranking members of the Government?

Reset Of Election Timetable:

According to sources close to the Prime Minister and JLP Leader, Mrs. Dalrymple-Philibert’s resignation could not have come at a worse possible time for him and the party, As her untimely resignation, has now caused him to reexamine his election calendar. 

They say, the PM had his mind set on calling a snap election sometime between now and March next year, as he was hoping to build momentum with the JLP Party Conference in November, but the Scandal that brought down Dalrymple, could bring those others and that has left the PM in a quandary, as he now has to consider if he wants to run ahead of any offshoot from the Dalrymple Scandal, with an early General Election and Take his chance, or stick around and hope for better tidings. 

And apart from the pending Scandal, the same source says the JLP internal Political Machinery is not oiled and ready to go, as the Party Chairman, is not on board with Holness leading the Party into the Next General Elections; and Stalwarts such as Shaw, Henry, Warmy, might not be hitting the Campaign trail and people like Wheatley, Hutchinson, and Chang, might also sit this one out. 

And dissatisfaction and disgruntled, JLP supporter might not show up at the Polls for the party, as they have not been showing up for Town Hall Meetings for the Prime Minister and or his Wife.

What is surprising to this insider, is the fact that internal polling shows that many incumbents would be ousted if elections were held any time soon and this is causing  some in the party to go in panic mode…

Keep watching this space…

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