Crematoriums Helping Criminals Dispose Of Murder Victims:

Crematoriums Helping Criminals Dispose Of Murder Victims:

Word is it’s a jungle out there, with all and sundry jumping in, to cash in on the Criminal Enterprise, that Jamaica has become. According to sources close to the Security Forces, Concerns are growing that some Undertakers, are now working with Criminal gangs, across the country, by helping them to dispose of their murder victims. 

Sources say investigations are pointing to some Undertakers and Crematorium operators as complicit in getting rid of the bodies of Murder victims, to appease gang Leaders and or for profit. According to some, this explains the number of missing persons, who seem to have vanished without a trace, over a number of years. 

Concerns are now being raised as previously, it was suspected only a few of these undertakers were offering this service on the black market, but a number of recent happenings and high profile cases, have investigators back at the drawing board and literally scratching their heads, as they try to put together a reasonable case file, to submit to prosecutors, to help stamp out the criminal practice. 

Another Viral Voice Clip.:

In a week that was not short on drama, another viral grabbed the Country’s imagination like no other. This one was what sounded like an informed opinion, being expressed by a clearly cultured voice, expressing concerns and care for what she supposed was the fate Of MP Phillip Paulwell’s 10-month-old Infant daughter and her Mother, “Tosh”.

The voicemail, which was reportedly intended for a friend, was shared confidentially but was apparently shared with another, who seemed to have shared it with another, resulting in the voice clip going viral, reverberating from places such as Geneva, London, Ghana, Tanzania, the Bahamas, The USA  and all across the Caribbean. 

Building Breaches and Corruption:

Some are saying Sending Mark Barnett, on leave for Breaching Building Codes, is tantamount to throwing him as a sacrificial lamb to the baying wolves. 

According to one source close to the building industry, Barnett is just one of the many “Builders/Developers, who has flouted building laws and protocols, to milk it for gain by ‘over-building’. There’s a story doing the rounds that alleges that Current House Speaker, Juliet Holness is guilty of similar breaches in at least one of her developments. As the source says, what was eventually the finished Development, was in contradiction of what was originally authorized. 

They say that such breaches are a thriving business, in the KSAC as many approved building projects are executed in contravention of building codes and NEPA approval, but corrupt officers in the Corporation who are responsible for monitoring and approving the finished products appear to be on the take, or woefully incompetent, as the majority of approved developments are completed in contravention of their approved permits. 

The question many are asking, is will there be a thorough investigation and delinquents brought to book, or will the act of throwing Mark Barnett under the bus, placate the bloodlust? 

Questions Being Raised About Attacks On the Security Provider

Many are convinced that the attacks on the Security Company, providing Courier Service for cash to Banks and other Financial Institutions, are not being done in a haphazard manner by criminals on the hunt for cash, but that it is a concentrated and deliberate effort to destabilize the Company Brand, to weaken its market share for an eventual takeover. 

Others say it’s Karma, being directed by disgruntled former employees in concert with some current employees. Whatever the playbook, the general population has grown weary of these branded vehicles, and whenever they pull up to service institutions and or ATMs are scared, and fear an imminent robbery, scamper in every direction rather than stay close to these branded vehicles and risk getting caught up in a gunbattle. People Are Literally afraid of being in the same space as these Branded Couriers….

Uniting To Fight Creeping Dictatorship

Word from within the Anti-Bunting, Golding, and Cambell Faction of the PNP, is that they are willing to bury the Hatchett and present a united front to contest the Next General Elections, but only if Golding Reaches out to them with some kind of offer of rapprochement..

Seems like the Never-Golding or Bunting Factions have decided they will not do what Bunting and Golding did to Peter Phillips, and Surrender the Country for five more years to Holness, so they are gearing up to join forces to solidify the PNP’s challenge, but Golding must first do a mea culpa, and then layout his vision for the Country and Party, and hopefully they will buy into that vision and help to sell it to the Voters…

Party Insiders are waiting on Golding to get the ball rolling as they say, the party cannot survive five more years of Holness’s Flirtation with what some describe as Trump-style dictatorship…

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