Celebrating Spanish Musical Culture

And just when one thought Kingston was becoming even more , bored with international and national political shenanigans, the Spanish Embassy here in Kingston, and the Spanish-Jamaican Foundation, decided on throwing what proved a  spectacular musical soiree starring international award-winning Spanish musical songbird Carmen Paris, in a concert under the theme “En Sintesis”, at the Little Theatre, over there in the heart of the city’s cultural district, that was indeed, a timely intervention and then some!

To say Ms. Paris, came, sang and conquered, would be to cheapen her performance, as she not only came, sang and conquered, she also enthralled and captivated with her own inimitable language in song, dance and storytelling, which was simply so mesmerizing – earning her, several curtain-calls and more, from an appreciative audience, that was not ready to let her go, even after a number of encores.

Performing to a packed house including leading members of the Government, The Diplomatic Corp, leading Socialites and Music-lovers, the evening was not only Culturally Lit, but it was also abuzz with the energy of artistic fabulousness.

But dears, the night belonged to Carmen Paris and her ensemble of musicians as the Spanish songbird, artist, composer, pianists, and dancer, entertained in the style of the true Temptress, singing a medley of traditional jota, innovative and new songs, whilst proving the quintessential ‘raconteur’, sharing her stories of love, broken heart, her childhood and journey into womanhood and self that made for a spellbinding interlude – and at the end of it all, she made for a fabulously engaging performer!

She did not include a reggae piece in her repertoire but promised for her next album, in homage to her debut in Kingston, she will include at least one reggae-inspired track, and that, we look forward to…

Until then we share the highlights of her Kingston performance and autograph session, at the Little Theatre…

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