“Ackee Sauce”

Some People are not happy, at all, as they say, they were informed that money they donated to Charitable causes she supposedly championed, was used elsewhere with stories doing the rounds, saying monies were used for Cosmetic surgery, inclusive of a Face Lift, Belly-Tuck and hips-reduction surgery and even a new set of teeth …

Then  Days before she was unceremoniously fired and given an ultimatum to vacate the property, she was going around threatening to fire those she supervised. Well, when they heard that she was fired, they brought out the ‘good Champagne’, and partied up a storm. .Truth is all the other departments in the organization had their own celebration – Seems like they were all happy to see her go, as she was more of a menace than an asset, and some say seemed confused as to who or what her actual role in the organization was??

The Buzzword, the word is: bad-mind, and that they say is what is fueling the desire to set up the new Company. Word is that the one who lost out because he got too big for his breeches, managed to convince others to join him in investing in a competing new Company….But those who did are now rueing the day they threw their hats in the ring, as they have been losing money hands over fist, with no stop to the hemorrhage in sight…the saying goes, “the fool and his money are soon parted”, But smart bets are on that there will be an early payout to those betting that the company will be wound up in short order, as many are expecting the new alliance to have a brief life expectancy, as Badmind was never a good business model to sustain expensive ventures…

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