Ackee Sauce -September 17, 2023

Sexual Hypocrisy: 

Then you all remember the male Journalist who was fired from his job, after reports surfaced that he and a male colleague had engaged in fisticuffs whilst at the workplace, over the affection of another male?

Well, people are admitting to being somewhat confused, after word leaked recently, that the very same Journalist, was on record supporting the Government’s decision not to accredit the same-gender spouse of the US Diplomat, expected to take up his post in Jamaica. 

Those close to the stories say they are still in shock, over his stance, as they thought, that the Americans sending a Gay Diplomat to Jamaica, would have helped him to come out of the Closet and thus reduce the social tension that caused him to end up in a brawl on the Job, because of his cheating boyfriend…

Deliberate Attempt To Destabilize The FSC and SSL Probe

Concerns are being raised about the reported Hacking into the FSC, as some suggest this was not your ordinary hacking, but a deliberate move to sabotage and destabilize the Agency, as all the Company’s Files were Deleted. But even more concerning is that after the hackers took down the Website, Management went in and took control of Employees’ Personal Computers wiped them clean, and erased all files, thus rendering the Company incapable of continuing and/or completing investigations, currently underway. Some are saying this was a deliberate attempt to stymie the Fraud Investigations into the SSL..Wait for the Blowback on this one as some say the Fingerprints on this one all lead back to the Government

Transport Authority Car-Parts Stealing Scandal

It’s Been described as the Scandal of All Scandals, and its currently unfolding at one or more of the Depots used by the Transport Authority, to store motor vehicles confiscated by the Authority’s Enforcement officers. The Story is, at one Depot recently audited, over 300 motor vehicles, that were confiscated and placed into protective storage, had their engines and or other parts stolen, whilst in protective storage. 

The question many are asking is how can over 300-Car engines go missing, whilst in the Custody of the Government, on a compound supposedly guarded and protected. The Top Brass at the Transport Authority is reportedly, trying to secretly audit other storage Depots, to ascertain how widespread, the problem is. 

Insiders say, it’s starting to look like The Depots have been used as an active Car Parts Mart, where unsuspecting Motorists have their Car impounded for minor legal infractions and are frustrated every time they try to reclaim their motor vehicles, only to find out that when they are cleared to get them, their motor vehicles were scrapped, and there were no official records of their vehicles being impounded.  As it now stands, every Tom, Dick, and Harry Can File A claim against the AG and Government, for their missing Automobiles, even if they did not suffer such a loss….

Sex, Scandals, and Politicians

Sex sells, especially when it is cloaked in hypocrisy and Denial. Ever Since Bruce Golding delivered his now infamous “Not In My Cabinet” epitaph, about homosexuals serving in the Cabinet. The spotlight has been turned unto JLP Politicians, in a way it never was before, as many who heard Golding’s pronouncements and knew of Gay men and Lesbians in the JLP. have been on a campaign to out, those they consider sexual hypocrites, hiding in the proverbial Closet, whilst the JLP and the general population heap on abuse and disrespect to members of the LGBTQ, community. 

Now, the Gay men and Women serving in politics have always been an open secret, but in recent times the heat in the Kitchen has been turned way up to force some of these closeted down-low operatives to walk away from their continuing support of the outdated Buggery law that criminalizes same gender copulation but winks and nods at buggery between male and female. 

Last week the Internet was in a tizzy, as two videos with supposed homosexual under and overtones, went viral, as a self-admitted homosexual released a Video on the Net, of a telephone conversation purportedly between himself and the Finance Minister, that was originally intended to discuss the Minister’s decision to continue funding the SSL fraud investigations by pumping an additional 15-Million monthly, int SSL by way of salaries and legal fees,, etc but went south, with sexual shade and innuendo about serving JLP members, dominated the Conversation. 

The dust is yet to settle on that little dust up as the conversation, has raised more questions than it provided answers,

When Uninvited Guests Show Up: 

So, the story is the Head Of of a neighbouring Caribbean State jetted into the Island recently, for a little RnR. Upon arrival, friends decided to invite the head of State to a private do, at their home in upper St. Andrew. It was expected to be a private function restricted to immediate friends of the visiting Head of State, and a critically short list of handpicked people. 

Imagine the surprise when the host was advised that A Mr. So’n’So, was at the Gate announcing that he was there to “Crash” the dinner. Well being polite, the host decided to accommodate the crasher. Well, many are still scratching their heads, as the Gate-Crasher, turned out to be A leading Member of the Jamaican Government, And A Member Of the Cabinet, no less…

Etiquette Course, anyone. Or for Everyone?

Gamesmanship Or A Crime?

Ever since the news of the Missing young-missy , and her 10-Month Old baby-daughter, started doing the rounds. People have been asking, was she really kidnapped as was being suggested, or did she go into hiding taking her daughter with her, to try and force the hand of the supposed Father of her child?

Seems no one knows for sure, and no one is betting that whatever the real story, the Police will solve it or come up with some kind of an explanation. To fit the facts. Those who are not expecting the Police to make any arrest or otherwise solve the “Puzzle”, say look at the Murder committed in Patrick Bailey’s house, several years ago, and still no arrest; or the case of the Autistic Son of Mrs. Amoi Issa, who had his throat slashed, in her vehicle, and two years later, the simple matter of accessing her phone in search of evidence, has still not been sorted out…

Speculations have been running wild as claims and counterclaims of shenanigans have been causing a feeding frenzy and the Internet is going crazy with accusations of Spying, Tricks, and A Masterclass in manipulation, unfolding before our very eyes, and we still refuse to accept what is being projected. 

With each passing day, however, concerns grow, for the safety of the ‘missing’ mother and Toddler, and for the wellbeing of the father.

New Ambassador To The US?

Then some are saying, that former one-time JLP power player and ex-husband of Lisa Hanna, Dr. David Panton, is being eyed as a Potential replacement for Ambassador Audrey Marks as Jamaica’s First Citizen in the USA.

Word is, with Ambassador Marks set to return home, the JLP is looking for a candidate who the US State Department would be least likely to block. And Dr. Panton’s name keeps rising to the fore…

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