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The FBI Is Interested;

Word is the FBI, has interviewed, at least one senior member of the Government, regarding a Bank account and a number of transactions linked to members of the Government. The back story is that the FBI is investigating a potential case of money laundering, that could go all the way to the top of the pyramid…

Abusive Wife

Friends of the Senior Politician are expressing their concern for his wellbeing, as they say there’s evidence that he’s in an abusive relationship, They say the demure wife is quite the Dragon Lady, who not only bosses him around verbally, but has turned all their employees, into a network of spies, whose duty is to spy on him and then report to her. 

Concerns are mounting that the abuse might also be physical as the wife is getting more and more strident, to the point that close friends are now questioning the politician, asking why he’s staying in an obviously abusive relationship. His answer is, that he stays because of the ‘Children’, is not cutting it with the friends, and they are advising him to cut his losses and flee, before it ends with his fatality….

Karma, At Work

Some observers are saying it’s all about Karma, and she is beating the hell out of those who have earned her ire.. And some are saying she is not done yet, as God does not like ugly. And Karma is God at work, extracting his toll,  after sitting back and witnessing years of exploitative abuse. That left many hungry, under the guise of shrewd management practices, but was nothing more than a shylock operation at work, bleeding the very workers, who were the lifeblood of the company..  And with word making the rounds that because of the beating that the Company has been taking Financially and to its reputation, the Architect of the disastrous policy, that led to the Company losing its goodwill and the confidence of its ‘Contractors’, will soon be separated from the Mothership, has set of early celebrations in some quarters…

Teflon Gad:

According to some, the Prime Minister is now the Teflon Gad, as they say, despite his more than passing acquaintance with the many Scandals that have dogged his administration, he always seems to walk away from those scandals relatively unblemished.  Some say it’s due to the Skillful management of his PR, and the Complicity of some in Civil-Society, The PSOJ, and His own Party, who like the GOP in the USA, refuse to hold Trump accountable for his misdeeds. They say, the failure by the supposed watchdogs to hold the PM accountable or call him out, when they should, has done two things. 

  1. It has undermined the belief of the common man, in the system of justice, and a level playing field. 
  2. Has contributed to the lawlessness now plaguing the land, as many now see the PM and his backers, as Uptown Choppers.

So now all calls for honesty fall on deaf ears, as the consensus on the ground is that those who are calling for others to give up crime are being hypocritical as they are criminals themselves, who are not in prison because they are connected and the system is rigged in their favour. 

The few voices in the JLP who seek to hold their Party accountable, complain that they have to contend with the wife and the loyalists whose snouts are so deep in the trough, to expose the PM to criticism, would be to expose themselves to the scrutiny of the Integrity Commission, and bring the Party and Government crashing down. So they too have accepted the notion that the BroGad is now the TeflonGad, and its now up to the people, knowing what they know, to decide if They want Holness to continue leading the Country.

Work Permit Scam

Many are questioning how so many in the Indian and Chinese Communities, seem to get work permits to import unskilled labour to perform menial duties in Wholesale establishments, Inbond Shops, and even as Household Helpers.

Some say, that when the Staff make-up of some of these companies especially at the managerial level,  will find that the  Top tier leadership of these organizations is staffed mostly by Foreigners, who share the same ethnicity as their owners. 

Many do not see this as an accident, but as a common design supported by corrupt officials and politicians who authorise these Work-Permits, to facilitate the racist tendencies of these employers…

More anon…

Criminal Family Syndicate.

Friends Say the wife has decided to call it a day, as she is not happy that the Husband, chose to involve her daughter in his criminal enterprise, and causing her to be branded a criminal, whilst the hubby kept his adult son out of the conspiracy and free from charges and suspicion. They say as a sign of her displeasure, she has decided to migrate and take the daughter with her and leave him to face the music with the other collaborators…Meanwhile, elsewhere, others are still scratching their heads, wondering how the other “Decent’ Gentleman, allowed himself to become embroiled in the criminal shennanigans…

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