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Not unlike all other nations of the world, the Jamaican experience is multi-tiered, with more beautiful moments and occasions than the mere regurgitation of crime statistics ad infinitum, in alarmist mode for cheap ratings. 

After nearly 3-decades as a Contributing Writer for a number of national, regional and international publications, including a special assignment for the New York Times, and national publications such as: The Jamaican Gleaner, The Jamaican Observer, The Sunday Herald, which has seen him reporting on stories from the Amalfi Coast in Italy; the Principality of Monaco; Paris, France; London, England; New York and Texas in The USA; Belize; Cuba and Across Jamaica, specializing in coverage of the rich and famous, the politicos, the Up-and-Coming, and leading international and national personalities, the Editorial Director, decided that the time was ripe, to fully research and report on thee Jamaica, that gets way too little coverage and or exposure.

And that Jamaica, is Glam-Jamaica, the land of parties, beaches, brunches, high-fashion, movers and shakers, accomplished pace-setting athletes, artists, musicians, beauties, and entrepreneurs, showcasing the beauty of Jamaica and Jamaicans at leisure, that is under-reported and more often than not, gets ignored, by current media houses and media practitioners, who see reporting the festive-positives, as a distraction, ignoring the nexus that is the engine and umbilical cord embracing the life and times of the movers and shakers, glamourzons and  their scions.

We are not proposing mere social-reportage about fine-wines and gourmet fares; couture dresses and bespoke tailoring, we are daring to highlight the achievements and success of our accomplished, as a deliberate strategy, to inspire, uplift and embrace others in search of mentors and mentees, while introducing new faces, talents, achievers, for the same purpose.

Indeed, there is a backstory behind every Jamaican ‘grandee’, titan, socialite, celeb and or celebutant, political-leader and or aspirant, business or cultural/artistic entrepreneur, that while it entertains on the surface, is truly educational, below.

And so, ImagesandProfiles.com was conceived and designed to celebrate Jamaica and Jamaicans, at home and abroad, our achievers, in their varying fields of distinction, and especially our game-changers, and our guests, to Inspire! But as we celebrate their achievements, we will also share their foibles, for artistic balance; as we will international celebs and partiers.

 To achieve this objective, we have assembled a critically hand-picked shortlist of Contributors, who have been charged with providing you, with the highest level of professional coverage, scripted to educate, entertain and inform. And we ask that you too join our community of Contributors by sharing with us, @ Imagesandprofiles.com as we celebrate the success and achievements of our people, our country, our neighbours and guests, by raising their Images And Profiles.

Again, we remind you, you too can participate in this journey, by contacting us at @[email protected]; or by contacting our Editorial Director, at [email protected] 

Bon, voyage!


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