Taking Care Of The Face, And ‘Her’!

Let’s face it – Make-Up, applied properly, can serve to highlight your best features, camouflage your skin imperfections, and result in you going from drab and or  ordinary, to glam siren. However, the same makeup, used and or applied incorrectly, can make even the prettiest face appear garish, frightening and even ghoulish. 

And since we all accept that unless for specific stage roles, those who use makeup do so, to enhance their own looks, so let’s brush up on the basics of applying makeup, to put your best face forward.

So, here are some tips, to get you going, beginning with, its always important to remember, a good look, starts with a good Foundation and translucent powder. 


Choosing Colours.

Regardless of your skin tone (The skin must be in excellent condition) stay away from light colours, as they tend to produce an ashy look. So when choosing colours for your face, neck etc., choose medium, or deep colours instead.


How to Smoke Your Eyes

After applying your eye shadow, to get the ‘smoke effect’, stroke on rich colour, starting at the outer corners of the eyes, working towards the centre.For extra drama, continue to the inside corner of your eyes. 

Do follow the natural shape of the eyes when you brush on soft even strokes of colour.

Using cotton swabs, carefully blend colours, causing one shade to blend into the other, with no harsh dividing lines. 

It’s important to remember, that few people get this right with their first attempt(s). So it’s important that you practice until you get the look you want. Avoid creating wings, to the side of your eyes by applying shadows too heavily or by not blending properly.

Line your eyes with a thin line, from the inner corner to the upper eyelid to the mid-point. Then from the outer corner to the centre. Repeat at the bottom of your eyes…

Avoid trying to make your eyes look smaller by globbing on a thick line of colour. Keep liquid lines tightly closed, to avoid their thickening. (Or use thin-leaded pencils)


How to Dress Your Lips.

Apart from your cleavage, your lips are probably the one part of your body that will be scrutinized the most. (Usually, like your boobs, covertly), so dress them up for the occasion and never disappoint. 

Begin by outlining your lips with a soft pencil, using a tone, slightly darker than your lipstick. We are going for definition here, and apart from the definition, outlining helps keep your lipstick in place. 

Never line your lips with a colour that’s too dark for your complexion, or too far from the colour of lipstick you have decided to wear. This stark contrast can make your lips appear cold and uninviting, and whilst this may be perfect for a professional engagement, its not for a date. So, dress your lips, for the role you intend them to play. Having dressed your lips, when stepping out never forget to take a sharpener with you to sharpen up those lips.


Taking Care Of The Brows

Your brows should be brushed daily, and for best results, we suggest using a brow brush or a new toothbrush, designated for this purpose. And Remember Brush in an upward motion.

For those whose brows do not appear full enough, touch them up with a dark or light-brown pencil, (never black), in the shape they are growing in. Then finish with a light dusting of loose powder. 

And never draw an elaborate eye-brow, to try and conceal sparse brows, and forget unnatural shapes in the hope of creating mystique and or interest because in doing this you are highlighting a flaw… If you have sparse brows, use an eyebrow pencil to enhance and or shape them, not to ‘create’ a new set.



Whether they be age spots, or simply a discoloured section of the face, neck or cleavage area, covering up is the time-honoured best method of treating these naughty little intrusions. 

The best way to treat these areas is by using a damp sponge, to blend in colour to hide these blemishes. After sponging, apply the foundation. And never use a concealer, that’s too light for your skin, and if you must one or two shades lighter is enough, otherwise, you are not concealing but highlighting. And never use your finger as a substitute for a brush as this will result in the areas of concern looking streaky and or uneven.



The perfect mode to apply blush is by brushing on a healthy glow, by brushing on a healthy colour from the highest part of the cheekbone, into the hairline. Colour should not be applied any closer to the centre of your face, than your pupils. For an even tone or look, try brushing a little on the forehead, chin, neck and cleavage. 


Beautifying the Vagina.(Her).

When beauticians and other beauty experts give advice, few give advice on how to beautify the Vagina. And so, the Vagina has gone neglected for aeons by many who, excepting for sexual intercourse treat it like its an afterthought. 

Sure, a douche is now commonplace, but a lot of women still would not recognize a bidet, if they were to come across, one. And apart from the odd time, some women shave or wax, it’s usually for the beach, but not a part of a regimen of vaginal care. 

The vagina is as special as your face, and similarly to how most women have established a routine facial care regimen as part and parcel of their beauty treatment, a regimen should also be established to care for the Vagina. 

Let’s begin by suggesting that just as how you moisturize your face and clean it daily, you should also moisturize the vaginal/pubic area. And the best moisturizer is the one you use on your face. Some women swear by the moisturizing powers of virgin coconut oil. (We make no recommendations). We simply say moisturize.

If you shave, and you should, you should be conscious of hair bumps (down there) and be rid of them. 

If you suffer, from skin discolouration of the upper inner thighs, the crevasse of the buttocks, or any other area down there, then we advise a toning creme, to neutralize these areas, to create one finished look. 

Never underestimate the value of aromas, so be conscious of your spouse’s preferred aroma, and seek to enhance this with body oils and or perfumes. Be mindful that some partners quite prefer, the au-natural aroma, so do not try to overpower and or conceal your natural essence, with oils and or perfumes, as this might not be a plus, but a minus. 

Remember, it is also healthy to shop for your Vagina, and not just for lingerie. As well as naming her, so you can dialogue daily. But most importantly, stop treating your vagina like she’s an afterthought, and include her care, beauty and protection as part of your daily beauty routine, you will be glad you did!


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