It used to be said, 21 Families, ruled Jamaica. But that was then! Since the ‘halcyon days’ of Plantocracy and Post-Independence, Wealth and the spheres of influence have been expanded as some of the wealth of that 21-Families, have been whittled away with time, eroded by inflation, and decimated by the new cost of labour.
Couple the ravages of times that brought a shift from traditional ‘Industries’, to a new age, with demands for new goods and services, and viola – there you have it – a land resplendent with opportunities for the new entrepreneurial class.
So today, whilst there are leftovers from the 21-Families, Scions, have not been particularly entrepreneurial and so many have lost their financial pedigree, but still have name-recognition and some, property, directorships, and still cling to their past, with the desperate vengeance of Norma Desmond of celluloid immortality!
Since Independence however, the country has produced a number of business tycoons, who have, for the most part, helped in fashioning the industrial, commercial and financial infrastructure of the country; while charting a new course in commerce, service, technology, and the financial service sectors. Because of the success these entrepreneurs have enjoyed, many have risen to the rank of Titans, and it is said of some of these pioneers, they can make or break Governments, with their policies, or by withholding funding from candidates and or political parties.
In this, our inaugural Power Issue, we look at 10 Leading Titans, Who Are Thought to be, 10 Of The Most Powerful Business Leaders here in Jamaica, and the Caribbean.

These Business Tycoons, and one scion, through their innovation and industry, created business that employs hundreds of thousands; and in the process, built International brands and legacies, that redoubted to the benefit of the Country, as well as helped in creating and solidifying Brand-Jamaica, as some of these iconic brands are essential social and cultural components of the Jamaican identity.

And so, we celebrate those who, by their commitment and determination changed the course of history, of not just themselves, but also that of the nation; as their templates of success, become the model used by their successors and even by their competitors.
It is often said, that the industrious are always on the hunt for opportunities, but
a sage once said, ‘there’s no time like now!’ And it is those who recognize the importance of “Now”, who eventually succeed.
indeed, when we look around today, it is easy in our admiration of the contribution of our business-leaders and their living legacies, to forget that many of these Titans standing like skyscrapers defining the business landscape and dominating social and political life (from behind the scenes), built their fiefdoms, from the ground up, and are essentially self-made.
They understand that essentially, Jamaica, despite its years of global and pivotal import to the fortunes of its former colonizers, is still a relatively young country, pregnant with opportunities for the homegrown entrepreneur and they reached out to embrace their date with destiny, and destiny embraced their endeavors and saluted them with success.
As a result, Jamaica, today, stands tall on the shoulders of these early entrepreneurs. And whilst it’s our Captains Of Industry who are now mostly celebrated, Images And Profiles now profile 10 Of Jamaica’s Leading And Most Powerful Entrepreneurs – Titans all…