These days it’s hard to tell what’s healthy or good for us anymore, as Big-Pharmaceutical Companies have taken to manipulate data to support their spurious claims, as they push their new wonder drugs, at the expense of the old tried and tested remedies our grandmas used over the years to keep us healthy. 

Remember when natural coconut oil was good for you, and then lobbyists decided that it was not, because they had another brand to push? Well, as it is with food, so it is with medicine. But the truth be told, if you make your food your medicine, you won’t need Big Pharma after all. 

Well, If your food is not your medicine, you might need to supplement your diet with Vitamins, and as it has been medically established, that we all need vitamins (every type) the question then becomes: ‘Which vitamins, do we really need and how much’? 

Most of us already get what we need from the foods we eat, as studies have confirmed that we need such minute amounts that a child who is grown on a diet of baked beans and toast will be fine as long as that child has an egg, a piece of cheese or an orange, occasionally. 

So, we are aware that there are copious amounts of vitamin pills and other supplements available, what we are not aware of, is that very few of us, need to take them… 

Taking supplementary vitamins in and by themselves is really unlikely to be of any health aid or benefit, unless of course, one is doing so, on the advice of a Medical Doctor. With the new fitness craze however, what we have are all these “Gym-Instructors”, and other untrained people, offering ‘medical’ advice to their Clients, who are doing the right thing by exercising, but get ‘bullied’ by their “Trainers” into buying supplements (Vitamins), they do not need. 

And here lies the other side of the coin that is the Opioid crisis, where people get hooked on prescription drugs they do not need, by a health hack who is really a hustler, looking to make a quick buck, at your expense and eventually the expense of your health and wellbeing. 

The truth is, by allowing your “Trainer” to “prescribe” you supplements you do not need, it is more likely that you are indeed causing your self-harm than good, by precipitating an imbalance, thus producing other side effects, that will need addressing later.

Before you purchase any supplement of any shape or another – Be it a Shake, A Supposed Energy Drink; Pills or Powder to supposedly boost your system and supposedly replace vitamins and or other nutrients you supposedly used up during your exercise, think hard about doing it, and before you do, consult your physician, cause it is a medical fact that Vitamins are more effective and efficient, when absorbed by the body, from a variety of natural food sources. 

So, let us now look at our Vitamins And their potential natural sources: 

Vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential in order to maintain good eyesight, bones, hair, teeth, and gums; as well as helping to renew body tissues. Instead of looking to “Supplements”, it’s best to look to green vegetables; yellow/red fruits, and vegetables such as carrots, jackfruit, tomatoes, apples, etc; as well as butter, margarine, milk, cheese, kidney, and liver, for your supply. 

And note the body Stores, Vitamin A, so there’s no necessity to have a daily intake, as is suggested by some of these “Supplement-Pushers”. 

Vitamin B. The three main B-Vitamins, B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin), and Niacin, turn energy from food into a usable form and are vital for stamina and healthy skin. And Its rear to suffer from a deficiency of just one of these. Thiamin and Niacin are mainly found in loaves of bread and cereals, while Riboflavin can be had from Milk and Liver. 

They can all be found, in lesser quantities however, in Fish, Meat, Vegetables, and Nuts. 

And remember, B-Vitamins are soluble, so can be degraded by cooking. 

Vitamin C. This is important in renewing and healing bone, and tissues and in preventing bleeding. Now the body does not store Vitamin C, but a daily supply can be had from an Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon, Kiwi, 2-3 Potatoes; A serving of 10 – 12 Brussel Sprouts, or a large green pepper. 

Note: Vitamin C is water soluble so be wary of over-cooking or soaking. 

Vitamin D. Is produced naturally by the body’s reaction to direct sunlight and is vitally important for healthy and strong bones and teeth. 

Whilst most of what we need is produced by our bodies, those who spend a lot of time indoors, and youngsters, might be deficient, Eggs, Liver, and Fatty Fish Is the only Supplement you need. 

So, the next time your trainer or gym-buddy offer to sell you some Vitamins Or other Supplements, that will supposedly boost your energy reserves or rev you up, ask yourself if that buddy trying to really help you, or trying to make a quick buck on the side…at your expense? 

The Intent might not be malicious, but in the end, malice to your body, can be the result of a regimen of these Supplements, so be wary!